Mercy...I am ruined...I will never want fresh store bought wild salmon ever again.  I must give a huge shout out, a huge THANK YOU to our neighbours.  They brought over this lovely salmon that was caught, fresh out of the ocean yesterday...
We had one fillet for dinner which was perfect for the two of us, and then I froze the other for another day.  This was so delicious there are no words to describe this beautiful fish.  It is the fish I remember eating as a child, when my brothers came home from a days fishing.  This is the fish I remember buying off the docks from our Native Aboriginal Peoples.  This is what true Salmon looks like, and if you could have one bite, you would know that this is what true Salmon should taste like.  Wish you all were here to enjoy a plate of pureness.
When I try to compare this fresh fish to what I buy in the stores - there is no comparison.  I used to think I did not like Sockeye Salmon.  I used to think it was too fishy tasting.  Well let me tell you - when it is this fresh - it is light, flavorful, and delectable.  Fresh fish should never taste "fishy".  If it does, it is not fresh - period!
Thank you neighbor...you not only gave me a plate of supreme deliciousness, but you also gave me a piece of heaven from my childhood.  🙂
Now for another wonderful Summer Side Dish:  Sauted Thyme Basil Summer Vegetables:
I will show you this meal from the start - Salmon, and then this lovely summer fresh side dish of fresh vegetables from our local Sooke Farmer's Market.
Normally with such fresh fish I would never do anything to it except to add salt, pepper, fresh lemons, and a few knobs of butter wrapped tightly in foil and cooked over a BBQ on high heat.  It is so delicious, you do not need any other flavors.  Tonight, I sliced up some of my Compound Butter only because I have leftovers, then I sliced some fresh lemons on top, wrapped in foil and cooked on the BBQ.
Here is this beautiful salmon baked:
Unbelievable deliciousness is the only way I can describe this Fresh Salmon.
Now onto the Sauted Thyme Basil Summer Vegetable Side Dish:
3 Tblsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Tblsp. butter
2-3 sliced fresh garlic cloves
12 yellow/red cherry tomatoes
6-8 slices of zucchini about 1/8th of an inch
a good handful of blanched fresh green beans (I blanched the beans for 1 minute on a full boil)
3 green onions, sliced on the diagonal
2 rounded Tblsp. fresh minced Basil
3/4 tsp. fresh minced Thyme
salt and pepper to taste
juice of half a fresh lemon
Heat up a frying pan on medium heat with the EVOO and butter.  Add the garlic to the pan and saute.  Saute until golden - watch carefully or it will burn.
Transfer to a plate and set aside.  To the pan add in the zucchini - saute until each side is golden, about 2 minutes per side.
Then remove the zucchini adding to the plate of garlic.  To the pan add in the blanched green beans, green onions, Thyme, Basil, and fresh lemon juice.  Saute a minute or two.  Then add in the sliced cherry tomatoes, check for seasonings - salt and pepper.
Return the zucchini and garlic to the pan sauteing  2-3 more minutes to heat the tomatoes through, then serve on a platter.  Serve along side any main dish...fresh deliciousness awaits!

Ina Gawne
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  1. Oh this does sound amazing indeed! Fresh caught fish has a flavour all of it's own, doesn't it? You lucky, lucky things- I hope you gave your neighbours a great big hug!

  2. Hi Ina,
    Yes, fresh fish has a distinctly fresh and amazing flavor. The salmon looks perfectly cooked. So flaky and delicious! This dinner would be a big hit at my place. I love fish!

  3. What a feast for the eyes: What a splendid gourmet wild salmon meal!
    I love every component of it! The side dishes rock too! 🙂 I also love green beans with tomatoes, zucchinis & green onions: yummy yum: all so fresh & tasty! woohoo!

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