You see this tree?  It is huge – taller than our house, it is situated in a corner of our back yard.  One day last week, we had unbelievably strong winds.  It even blew some of my planters over.  So in going to the back yard to erect the fallen planters, there on the ground sat a birds nest, which had fallen out of the large tree.  Well the one Robins egg in the nest was cracked, and had seeped through it’s shell.  I thought given that, and as it was now sitting on the ground, the Robin would most likely abandon the nest.  So I picked it up, and placed the nest onto a driftwood bench.

Then 2 days later, as I was watering the garden, I could not believe my eyes.  Now there was a second egg in the nest! At first I thought "No Way, would a Robin continue to lay eggs in a fallen nest"!  Turns out, my husband found the second egg lying in the grass - he put it there.  Sadly, the nest and eggs have been abandoned by the Robins.  And although is is sad these babies did not get to survive, sometimes Nature takes over....it is just the Natural Way of Life.  As it turns out, the next day the eggs were gone.  I had seen a couple of crows hanging around, likely it was them - they too, probably have babies to feed.

Ina Gawne

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July 18, 2010