If you have lots of fresh vegetables in the fridge, and some leftover cooked rice - this is a great healthy way to use up extra ingredients.  It would be even better with fresh basil - which I did not have, nonetheless it was mighty tasty.
2 cups cooked brown rice
4 Tblsp. Grape Seed Oil
1/2 of a large onion, diced
4 minced garlic cloves
2 large crimini mushrooms, diced
salt and pepper
5 cups of chopped fresh Swiss Chard
1 large carrot, grated
15 sugar snap peas, cut on the diagonal
6 fresh asparagus spears, cut into 1/2 inch pieces
1 tsp. Thyme
2 tsp. dried Basil
1/2 cup of Vegetable Stock or Chicken stock (I used Vegetable Stock)
1 Tblsp. Tamari Sauce
grated Swiss Gruyere Cheese, and grated Asiago Cheese
This was overwintered Swiss Chard from the garden - love the color!
Heat up a saute pan on low medium heat with the Grape Seed oil.  Add in the mushrooms, onions, garlic, thyme, basil, and carrots, sauteing about 5 minutes.
Then add in the chopped Swiss Chard, continue to saute another five minutes.
Pour in the vegetable or chicken stock, tamari sauce, and add in the sugar snap peas, and asparagus, lid on and simmer for five minutes.
Then add in the rice stirring to combine.
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and continue to saute the rice and vegetables for another 5 minutes.  Transfer the rice and vegetables to a lightly greased (butter) 9x13 inch casserole dish.
Evenly spread on the grated cheeses, and bake for 30 minutes.  Serve with any main dish.
I did not mention to my DH that this dish was loaded in Swiss Chard and Asparagus (not his favorites) however, with the cheese and all the other ingredients - he had three helpings!  Sometimes secret ingredients are the best way to get those healthy vegetables into your fussy eater's diet - plus cheese always helps!  🙂

Ina Gawne


  1. If you look up "Yum" in the dictionary, you just might see your last photo of this dish. 😉 They all look great though. I'm sure this recipe is heavenly, Ina!

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