When I think back on the years, my sweet mother-in-law comes to mind.  She is now 93 and going strong!  Years ago, when our children were 12, 11, 9, and 8…. We had a lovely visit with my mother-in-law.  I don’t remember her exact words, but they were something along the lines of once a mother, always a mother, you never stop worrying about your kids, regardless of their age.  She said this while looking at her then 40 something year old son.  I think about this often.
When my son graduated from Film and Television school his teacher said this:
"This is a young man who is a force to be reckoned with, a young man dedicated to his work,  who will go far and who has much to offer.”  Yes, I am a proud Mama.  And work hard, he does.  His work is his passion, he loves it, and he is damn good at what he does!
Daniel has known from a young age, that he wanted to be in the film industry, and behind the camera.
With a few years under his belt now, he has done many independent films, short films, music videos, and feature films.  Luckily, he has been able to build a name for himself in the film industry where we live.  Although, I know one day he may move on to bigger cities, or even other countries,  to further his career.  As much as I am aware that this may one day be a very real reality....I am thankful he is still here.  When that day comes...well, I am sure there will be a few tears shed, and the worry that parents often succumb to.  Yet, I will always stand behind him, in love and support where ever he goes....knowing he is happy, loving what he does.  Here is one of Daniel's recent music video's on Youtube you can check out:

This is the up and coming, Juno nominated band called Jets Overhead.  They too have been paving the road ahead of them, and doing really well.  To give you a bit of behind the scenes info:  this was shot at Clover Point, Dallas Beach Victoria, B.C.  A gorgeous part of town.  This was filmed in April.  It is still very cold here at that time of year, you would not want to put a pinky finger in that ocean let alone your whole body!  The brave young girl wore a wet suit, but apparently it did have some leakage problems, yikes!  My son wore hip waders in the water to do the filming....they said it was freezing.  Brave young souls they are.
And if you have a moment, check out Daniel's website, demo reel, and behind the scenes of some of his work.  Yes I am a proud Mama!

Ina Gawne

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September 3, 2010