I have yet another wonderful new cook book - it is called GLUTEN - FREE ITALIAN, by Jacqueline Mallorca.  I ordered this lovely cook book here.  Upon reading through some of the recipes, the first one I wanted to make was Jacqueline's Italian-Style Baguettes.  Remember what really good quality bakery white bread tastes like toasted? This is what I was looking for in this recipe.  Also, with the idea of making Crostini appetizers.  Wow.  This bread is mighty delicious, and guess what?  It is super easy to make, plus, No yeast!  After it had cooled, I cut off a slice just to try, before grilling.  So soft, and delicious.  This bread would also be lovely with a hearty stew, chili, or soups.  I am sure it would make lovely french toast too.
What intrigued me about this recipe is that it calls for Sparkling water.  After using Soda water in Tyler Florence's Fish and Chip recipe, which was  a huge success, I knew this would be the first recipe to make.
For Crostini's and Brushetta, Jacqueline recommends brushing each slice with olive oil, then grilling in a heavy skillet or grill pan.  I added minced garlic to my olive oil, and for a topping I used my Roasted Herb Cherry Tomato recipe with a couple of modifications - adding roasted garlic, and shallots to the recipe.  Then I mashed the tomato dish all together, spread it on the grilled crostini, and topped with crumbled feta cheese - ohh yummm.

What I also love about this cook book, aside from being Italian influenced, is the many different pasta, breads, and dessert recipes. On page 192 there is a recipe for Crispy Ladyfingers, then on page 195 Tiramisu, oh wow, can't wait to try out some of these other recipes.
The only thing I found wanting in this cook book, was more pictures of the fabulous sounding food.  Having said that, I am eager to try more of Jacqueline's recipes, and I will be sure to keep everyone posted. Oh, just turned the page and found this tempting recipe: how about Rice flour crepes for Cannelloni?  With wonderful fillings, I think I will be making this next.

Ina Gawne


  1. Hi Ina,
    I came on your blog via Sophie; it's always nice discovering new gluten free bloggers!
    I just ordered this book, thinking about summer and I think about crostini etc. I can't wait making this bread, it looks gorgeous. I will have a look in your recipes, a quick glance was already inviting!
    see you, Linda

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November 2, 2010