Welcome to my Gluten Free Food and Gardening Blog….
I love food….I love to cook, eat, share the abundance.  I also like to grow as much of my own food as possible.  When I can’t, I try my best to buy local, fresh and organic.
It is close to 15 years of being gluten free, and with a number of failed attempts baking and cooking, these past few years have finally brought about many delicious, successful recipes.  We all know of the challenges one will face when first going gluten free.  So it is with great pleasure to finally have wonderful, delicious, gluten free recipes to share.  It is my hope to one day create a cook book with yummy pictures, and wonderful recipes – all gluten free of course!
I also love growing flowers and vegetables.  The wonders of the garden are a true delight.  Although, I still have much to learn, the garden has been an ongoing process as well.  Great music, reading and yoga are some of my other “loves”.
So whether it is about food, life, or the garden, I welcome your comments, and sharing of recipes, and garden wisdom.  Thanks for stopping by, Ina
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