We are coming up to one year of using our 8 quart Chefman Air Fryer.  Do we still love it?  YES, even more so.  It takes a bit of adjustment to cooking/roasting compared to using the oven or other cooking methods, but we have discovered everything we have cooked in the Air Fryer tastes way better.

To list the pros:

- Roasted meats and vegetables are taken to a higher level of taste.  A better roast flavor, meat is super juicy and tender verses using the oven

- Cooking time is way faster

- Little to no oil is used

- Clean up is easy

- And best of all:  We have had huge savings in our electrical/hydro bill.  For example in a 2 month period we saved 28% cost over the same time period a year ago.  28% is considerable.  Therefore, a "greener" cost saving, more efficient cooking method.

To list the cons:

The only downside we have discovered, is in cleaning the fan/top underside of the Air Fryer.  So, every once in a while we will gently unscrew one of the screws to lift the element in order to clean the fan.  So far so good.  The rest of the Air Fryer is very easily cleaned after each use.

The only other consideration one might have is what size your family would best need.  With a 8 quart it provides lots of space in the fryer basket, but is fairly large so you do need the space for one this size. For example an 8 quart size will easily accommodate a 4 - 4  1/2 lb. chicken.

In the past year, we have seldom used the oven where as before we used it all the time.  We do use the BBQ occasionally, especially for steaks or burgers (have not tried those in the Air Fryer yet)

We love the Air Fryer method of cooking, and have purchased them for our adult children who are now enjoying it as much as we do.  Just the savings alone, in our time of high inflation is a huge bonus. 🙂





Ina Gawne

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November 24, 2022