This is our new 8 Quart Air Fryer....what a beauty don't you think?


Our daughter had received an Air Fryer as a gift and mentioned how much she was liking it especially for roast chicken dishes.  That is when I became interested....hmmm no more dirty oven sounded very appealing to me.  If you use your oven often (I do) but do not like the clean up, and want healthy meals that cook faster, the Air Fryer might be for you.


In the picture above we have pulled out the basket which gives you and idea of what it looks like when putting in your food to cook.  What I most like about it besides the easy clean up, is it actually can hold a fair amount of food.  That said, the one downside is this bruiser is big!

The other convenience of cooking with an air fryer besides less cooking time - always a bonus, is there is very little if any oil used, making it a healthier alternative way of cooking.  Apparently it is also convenient to cook frozen foods in the air fryer too which we have not tried yet.

Can't wait to get started using our new Air will be on the way!

Ina Gawne

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