As of Aug 7th, 2010, we have rain.  Much needed, despite the lack of summer, it has also been very dry.  My tomato plants are crying though.  We kept some of the tomato plants in the mini greenhouse, but also kept 8 plants outside in the gardens.  With this rain, and the fog we have had throughout July, I am guessing there won't be too many tomatoes.  Meanwhile the cabbages are growing huge.  And the flowers in the garden continue to thrive as well as the  broccoli.  Still no sign of bush or runner beans, lots of flowers though.  Hopefully we will have a warm September which may garner a little hope.
Thank the heavens for our local farmers market down the street.  The huge colorful choice of fresh organic veggies never ceases to amaze me!

Check this out, another luscious salad - can't wait to dive into this tonight:

As well, we sauted Japanese Eggplant, Zucchini, Orange Cherry Tomatoes and Green Onions.  I have never tasted a Cherry tomato that was this sweet.  Seriously, its like candy.  This is also our first time trying Japanese Eggplant, which included a sprinkling of Parmegiano Regiano Cheese, and fresh minced Basil and Flat Leaf Italian Parsley.   If you have any recipes using Japanese Eggplant, and want to share, please do.  So what is in your gardens these days?

Ina Gawne

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August 8, 2010