We love Quiche in this household. If you read my blog, you will see a few yummy Quiche recipes.  You can not go wrong with bacon and cheese, in a homemade gluten free pastry crust - so decadent.  So, I decided to add extra veggies to the mix - to perhaps not feel so guilty!  However, we only have Quiche once in a long while, so a little indulgence occasionally never hurt anyone, right?
4 slices of bacon - chopped
2 shallots, finely diced
2 minced garlic cloves
6 crimini mushrooms, chopped
3/4 cup cooked broccoli florets - cut small
4 Tblsp. diced green pepper
1 tomato halved, and sliced
4 large organic eggs
1/2 cup milk - we use Soy milk
salt and pepper to taste
1 Tblsp. dried rubbed Greek Oregano
1 nine inch gluten free pie crust (I use Bette Hagman's Dream Pastry from her cook book Gluten Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy)
Lightly steam the broccoli florets until eldente, drain and set aside.
Roll out your gluten free pastry crust and line a deep dish pie pan.  Poke holes throughout the crust with a fork, and set aside.
Heat up a frying pan on medium heat, and add in the chopped bacon - cooking until nicely browned.  Remove from the pan into a bowl and set aside.  Turn down the heat to low medium.  If necessary add in a knob of butter to the pan.
Add in the mushrooms, shallots, green pepper, garlic, and saute about five minutes until the mushrooms are golden.  Then add in the dry rubbed greek oregano.  Season with salt and pepper.
Remove from the heat, and add in the cooked broccoli, and cooked bacon, tossing to combine.
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Whisk the eggs, milk and salt and pepper to a nice consistency.  Add the bacon/vegetable mixture to the bottom of the pie crust.  Add the sliced tomatoes throughout the pie crust.
Pour in the egg milk mixture, then sprinkle in a good amount of Parmesan Cheese, and cover with a generous amount of grated aged cheddar cheese.
Bake for 45-50 minutes until golden, let sit for 5-10 minutes before plating.
Every once in a while Quiche is a necessity in this household, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner!  🙂

Ina Gawne
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  1. QUICHE! And I don't even do it with,pastry... I think that makes it a frittata?
    Life saver those things - always good. XO

  2. I made your tasty Gf quiche by using a Gf pastry crust from an organic store!
    This was ooh so tasty, Ina!Peter & I loved it so much: so much flavour too! xxx
    Have a great & relaxing fun weekend! x

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February 18, 2013