This tasty breakfast is just down right fattening.  But once in a while…..I just need to indulge!  This post is not really about a recipe but more about the combo, and the way of layering this recipe that makes it stand out over regular bacon and egg breakfasts.  And I just had to share some kitchen happiness too!

2 strips of bacon – diced
diced red onion – about 3 Tblsp.
2 diced crimini mushrooms
aged cheddar cheese - cubed
fresh cracked pepper
2 organic eggs
splash of soy milk – or any milk, water even works

Heat a frying pan on medium heat, add in the bacon bits to brown.  Meanwhile whisk up the eggs with milk, and cracked fresh pepper.
Once the bacon is browned, and without removing the bacon or grease, add in the mushrooms and onions – sauteing until the mushrooms are golden.  Turn down the heat to low, and add in the eggs and cheese stirring until scrambled and cheese has melted.  Maybe out of guilt on my part, I also sauté some tomato slices and garnish with flat leaf parsley to help justify the fat intake.

Then for those of us that want a lighter breakfast:  How adorable is this?

A baby cast iron frying pan...perfect for cooking one egg.  Or melting a couple of tblsp. of butter.
Did you ever see such a cute frying pan in your whole entire life?

I found it in a second hand store for $5.00!  It is a 6 1/2 inch cast iron pan made in the USA.  Beautifully seasoned too.  Although, once I got it home, I did give it a good scrub, in case there were any hidden sources of gluten.  Then I re-seasoned the pan.  So cute.  A frying pan addition that gives me happiness in the kitchen!

Ina Gawne
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  1. I have that very same little pan!!!!
    Well done you on finding it for $5!
    I like second-hand stores, but haven't been to any in ages...

  2. I have a baby cast iron pan, too. 🙂 I need to reseason it and get it back in use, Ina! 😉 This recipe looks and sounds like a terrific way to start the day. I often turn my burner on high, add some olive oil to my small non-stick skillet, then an egg, which I give a stir. Often I add in fresh spinach or onions. Then I put the lid on, turn the burner off, and hop in the shower. When I get out, my egg "recipe" is perfectly cooked. 😉

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