Ohhh……Mama!!!  People, I get excited about food!  Especially when you try a new ingredient…..throw some things together……and it works….wonderfully!
Now..... I am also a Ginger freak… husband, not so much.  He likes it, but minimally.  So you decide how much to use…adjust to your taste.  And Toasted Sesame oil???? I have never cooked with it before…….so glad I did…Heaven!
I had looked up Toasted  Sesame oil in the book - THE FLAVOR BIBLE.....and thus....a recipe was born!  This is now the 2nd recipe I have created using inspiration from this wonderful book - Love it!
You can play around with the fried rice….I kept it fairly simple as the chicken really carried this dish.  This sauce/marinade would also be lovely with beef or shrimp too!
1 package chicken breast tenders or stir-fry
Salt and Pepper
2 diced shallots
4 diced garlic cloves
1 small finely diced carrot
same size finely diced broccoli – stem and florets
5 crimini mushrooms finely diced
2 and a half cups chicken stock
1 cup long grain rice (I used basmati)
2 Tblsp. Olive oil
1 knob of butter
1 inch knob of finely grated ginger
juice of 1 lime
1 tsp. Finely grated lime zest
2 Tblsp. Gluten free soy sauce
1 Tblsp. Toasted Sesame Seed oil
Begin by cooking the rice.  In a medium sauce pan, add the 2 cups of chicken stock and the rice.  Bring to a boil, reduce to minimum simmer, lid on- cook till stock is absorbed…about 15 min.  Then set aside.
Meanwhile, finely grate the ginger, 2 of the garlic cloves, juice of the lime, and zest into a bowl.  Add the soy sauce, and toasted sesame oil, mix with a fork.  Set aside.
Rinse and pat dry the chicken tenders.  Sprinkle some cornstarch onto a plate, and add fresh cracked black pepper. Toss with a fork.  Heat up a frying pan medium high heat with olive oil.  Lightly, dredge the chicken pieces in the cornstarch, adding to the pan.  Saute till lightly golden – about 6-8 minutes.  Then pour in the sauce, stirring to coat.  Turn down to minimum just to keep on a low low simmer.
Heat another pan with olive oil, and knob of butter,  medium heat.  Add in the diced mushrooms, shallots, and the other 2 minced garlic cloves.   Saute till mushrooms are golden.  Then add in the carrots and broccoli, sauté, adding in a few splashes of chicken stock (the other 1/2 cup)….until the vegetables are eldente.
Then add in the cooked rice….stirring to coat.  Add in a few splashes of soy sauce and mix well.  Plate, with the chicken on top of rice.
Note:  I actually did not use broccoli…(although, I have before).  Another discovery that I did not know!….I cut the stems and flowers off of collard greens…tasted them raw…wow…soooo sweet!  I did not know that part of the collards were edible.  Soooo tasty!

Ina Gawne

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April 17, 2010