Just thought I would mention - this is so exciting -(if you don't already know about this yet), I just read a post on The Gluten Free Girl and The Chef Website that their new cookbook will be available for ordering - can hardly wait to get my hands on that little gem!  This cook book will be such a great addition to my cook book collection (*ahem* and cook book obsession).  Also check out their lovely video - so heartwarming.  I am so grateful for people like Shauna and The Chef who have been such an inspiration in creating Gluten Free Food.  Many many thanks Shauna and Daniel Ahern!
Now, for a new Marinade:

I love marinades - of all kinds.  This one was so refreshing, and I love that it works with poultry or seafood.
I marinated some chicken thighs, for about 3 hours, reserving some of the marinade to brush onto the chicken.  This chicken had been intended for the BBQ, but Dang!  We were out of Propane, so in the oven it went.  350 degrees 50-60 minutes, basting the last 20 minutes. And, it turned out mighty tasty!
Juice of 1 grapefruit
2 minced garlic cloves
2 Tblsp. finely minced fresh Tarragon
2 Tblsp. GF Soy Sauce (I use a wheat free Tamari, Naturally Brewed)
2 Tblsp. Olive oil
1 Tblsp. Rice Wine Vinegar
Fresh cracked pepper
Mix up all of the ingredients and pour into a freezer zip lock bag.  Add the chicken  and seal, refrigerating a couple of hours.  For seafood such as shrimp, prawns, or salmon I would only marinate about 15 minutes, and use more of the marinade to brush onto the seafood as it cooks.

Ina Gawne
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