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I recently received The Italian Diabetes Cook Book Delicious And Healthful Dishes From Venice To Sicily and Beyond written by Amy Riolo.  Published by the American Diabetes Association.
First, let me say, this cook book has so many wonderful recipes it was a tough call choosing a few to test for this post.  Just flipping through the cook book had me wanting to make every single recipe - and there are 150 of them!  This will definitely be a cook book I will use time and time again. It has also been a fun new taste experience for my family.  Each recipe I have made has been seriously delicious.  If you read my blog, you know I am a lover of food, especially Italian, so this is a cook book that pulled me in right away.
On another note, a good friend of mine recently passed away.  He was a diabetic who was very careful with his diet and exercise regime.  He did not die from diabetes, but from other health/age conditions at the age of 72.  He often said, "if people followed a diabetic diet, there would be less obese and much healthier people in this world".
In reading this cook book I would totally agree.  The recipes use local, fresh in season ingredients.  Wholesome food that is delicious and nutritious.  The book begins with Appetizers, then First Course recipes, 2nd Courses, Side Dishes, Salads, Breads, Sauces and Condiments,  and Desserts.  Amy also offers many gluten free options for her recipes  - every recipe made for this post, of course, is Gluten Free.
If you would like to receive a FREE copy of this lovely cook book, just leave a comment saying what your favorite Italian dish is.  One winner will be chosen at random and notified by email.
Here are just a few of the dishes I have made so far:  By the way, all of the pictures of the recipes I have made were taken by my dear husband so he gets full credit here.
CLASSIC MEATBALLS (POLPETTE) A TRADITIONAL CALABRESE DISH: (quick, easy to make and we loved them, we have had them twice now)
Next up:  ASPARAGUS, ORANGE, AND FENNEL SALAD (INSALATA DIASPARAGI, ARANCE, E FINOCCHI): (this salad was so refreshing and delicious, again quick and easy to make)
(I would like to add a note in regards to this delicious dish:  The beans listed in the book call for Borlotti beans sometimes known as Cranberry Beans.  I went to a local health food store and here they are called Heirloom Anasazi Beans - so they are known by a few new favorite dried bean)  This dish has lovely subtle flavors that get even better the next day.
Now for a couple of dessert recipes:
Next up:  Yogurt Gelato (GELATO ALLO YOGURT) with Strawberries: (this was surprisingly refreshing and full of flavor with added vanilla)
Next up:  IVREA'S POLENTA CAKE (POLENTINA DI IVREA) This was a moist delicious cake with subtle flavors....we loved it!  Again an easy dessert cake to make and lovely to serve with tea, plus it is the first time I have used Almond Flour...what a great texture it adds to baked goods.
I really had a fun time in the kitchen making these recipes.  You should see my copy of the cook book - dog ear'd, lots of book marks for all the other recipes I still want to make, it already looks well used, which in truth it is and certainly will be even more so down the road.  Thank you Amy Riolo for your cook book of delicious recipes, my family loved them all.
(Don't forget to leave a comment saying what your favorite Italian dish is, we have 1 cook book to give away free!)

Ina Gawne


  1. My favorite.... Hmmmmm Veal Saltimbocca is one....
    The cookbook looks wonderful. Maybe it would let me cook more Italian foods. Mon mari is a T1, rather than T2 (which is likely what the cook book addresses) but, still, I'm sure we would love it. Book duly noted

  2. Wow, what an excellent review, Ina! All those recipes look amazing. I can't believe that this is the first time you've used almond flour! I bet you'll use it a lot more now. That Polenta Cake looks super delicious. 🙂 My favorite Italian dish is manicotti. I have had it gluten free, too! 😉

  3. That Polenta cake looks great! But, want to taste the Polpette first. My fav is anything with gluten-free pasta.
    Thanks for bringing this book to my attention.

  4. What an inspiring post and book! What I love about Italian food is its simplicity, its use of fresh ingredients and the clever ways of using everything up. Favourite dishes: pasta with freshly made pesto and a good minestrone. I never made the polenta cake, such a classic, but will try it soon now 🙂

  5. Wow - Just one favorite? I'd have to say my all-time fave is baked ziti. Myself being a celiac patient, I've made this for my family who actually prefer it to "glutenized" baked ziti 🙂

  6. This recipe book looks delish. Thanks, Ina, for the tasty teaser. I love gelato and pesto. But usually not in the same dish.

  7. Gotta love more Italian cookbooks! We made your BUTTERNUT SQUASH SKILLET LASAGNA last fall. It's become a favorite.

  8. Some yummy recipes - esp. the meatballs and Polenta cake. Might pick up this book for my mom. But, her meatballs are still best.

  9. Italian cookbooks. Can there ever be enough? No, there can't.
    Risotto in all its wondrous variants is my fav. Followed by a gelato.

  10. Saw this book on amazon the other day - 5 star reviews across the board. So I bought it. Can't wait to get into it. Your dishes look so yummy!

  11. Hi Ina,
    I am over the moon 🙂 Thank you so much, I am looking forward to the book and will sent you my adress etc.
    My brother is a diabetic and my father also has an auto-immune disease, so the book will be greatly used and appreciated by all of my family.
    Namaste, Linda

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