Here we are in March, and we can still get organic vegetables from our local farm.  Such a delight, and super fresh and delicious.  This week we got spinach, leeks, purple potatoes and carrots,

2 cups chopped fresh spinach

2 cups chopped fresh leeks (slice ends off then slice lengthwise and rinse well)

2 Tblsp. butter

1 cup chicken stock, 2 Tblsp. reserved

1/2 cup light cream (we use lactose free)

1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

1/8th tsp. dried sage

good pinch of nutmeg

salt and pepper to taste

1 1/2 T cornstarch

2 Tblsp. reserved chicken stock

Heat up a braiser or saute pan on low medium heat, melting the butter.  Once it has come to temperature add in the leeks and spinach.  Saute until wilted, 5-8 minutes.  Season with sage, nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste.  Make up a cornstarch slurry with some of the chicken stock and set aside.

Pour in the remainder chicken stock stirring well.  Put on low, and simmer reducing to half.  Pour in  cornstarch slurry, only using a bit to slightly thicken, then add cream and Parmesan cheese, mix well  serve hot along side any main dish.


Ina Gawne

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March 13, 2023