Earth Day is around the corner. Since Earth is our source of life, dedicating a day to our cosmic home once a year seems only fair.
Each year, I try to make the effort of observing Earth Day.  Although, I do try to make a conscious effort every day. In Canada, we celebrate an early start to Earth Day, on Sunday March 31st, 8:30 p.m. where we are asked to shut off all lights for one hour.  Each year I participate in this event and light candles.  (I often do this through out the year anyways.)
When you think of the millions of people shutting off their lights for one hour, one day of the year, that is a considerable amount of energy saved!  Something worth considering.
BEES From Planet Earth:
Included in this post, is some very interesting information on The World's Bee Population to follow, but first:
What is not to love about Fennel? Fresh in a salad, steamed, sauted, roasted - in pasta sauces, with seafood, or in a simple Balsamic Roasted dish.  I kept this really simple, although, you could add different seasonings, or herbs to this dish.  I threw in one small 4 inch slice of zucchini (it needed using time I would add a whole small zucchini) which turned out to be a nice addition.  The recipe is coming, as simple as it is, I promise, but now onto something so lovely and organic...
Organic Vinegar:
Recently, I discovered a most delicious Organic Balsamic Vinegar.  Previously, I had tried their Organic Red Wine Vinegar...the best I have ever had.  Now it was time to try their Organic Balsamic Vinegar.   Maison Orphee, a company from Quebec, Canada - a company new to me.  (by the way, there is no paid advertisement here - just sharing a bit of love)  This Balsamic Vinegar gives you the most flavorful taste - intense but subtle at the same time.  The difference is, it is light - yes a Balsamic Vinegar that is actually light, but packed full of flavor!  How delicious is that?

I have also discovered, the more I use Organic Ingredients the more convinced I am of the exceptional quality and most importantly, flavor.  The flavor is undeniable.  Incomparable.
Here is the thing:  I have found with most organic ingredients, whether vinegars, sauces, oils, condiments - they will always taste better - at a fraction of the amount necessary to use.  Ultimately, you can use a lesser amount with a mountain of intense flavor. So, the costs work out to be acceptable.  Now, I do know this does not include everything organic.  We still pay a premium at times for some fruit and vegetables, as well as varieties of meat and wild fish.  What we do try to do in this household, is to use as many organic ingredients as possible.  For me, it does taste better and I feel better physically.  As well, there is the piece of mind that the more organic, natural way we try to live our lives, the better it is for the planet.
Now onto the "World Bee Population".  As an interesting side note, I heard on the radio the other day that scientists suspect a toxic chemical may well be involved with the diminishing World Bee Population.  A toxin that is commonly found in chemical sprays used for corn. Apparently this toxin disorients the bees, so they are unable to get back to their original hives....thus dying.  This breaks my heart, but more importantly, how scary is that? Does it not make you wonder how all of these many toxins that are constantly in use, affect animal, plant and human life?  And even more importantly...when will it stop?
Earth day is April 22nd....what are your thoughts on preserving our beautiful planet?
For me:  tread softly, live gently, respecting nature as much as we can. 🙂
1 fennel bulb, stems removed, cored and sliced into 2 inch pieces
2 carrots, sliced into 3 inch pieces then quartered
1 small zucchini
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees
Add the sliced fennel, carrots, zucchini to a roasting pan.  Pour in a good drizzle of Olive oil to generously coat the vegetables.  Season with salt and pepper, tossing the vegetables to coat.  Add in two or three good drizzles of Balsamic vinegar, again tossing to coat.  Feel free to add your favorite seasonings or fresh herbs.
Roast for 1 hour.  At the 30 minute point, flip and toss the vegetables, turning the pan the opposite direction.  Continue to roast the remaining 30 minutes, serve hot from the oven along side any main dish.  Enjoy!  Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Ina Gawne
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  1. I love easy yet tasty recipes like this one! In Summertime, I make a lot of these tasty roasted dishes, which my husband & I so much love! I love fennel too! 🙂

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