We have had incredible rains, wind and cold weather.  Unusual for our neck of the woods.  Normally our Septembers are hot during the day, cool in the early mornings and evenings.  This is unusual.  Something else unusual, I have never seen before are these:

These mushrooms sprouted a week or so ago, after heavy rains.  I suspect they are highly poisonous, however they sure look pretty..almost other worldly - here is another shot:

They are growing outside of our yard, beyond our fence in the front embankment.  What kind of mushrooms these are, I do not know, but we could not resist taking pictures.  In my previous post a few weeks back I mentioned being woken at all hours of the night by owls.  Well we took our dog Tara for a walk the other night, early evening, at dusk when we came upon this lovely creature:

How gorgeous is this guy?? Wow...he was about 2-3 feet in length and totally gorgeous sitting there on the electrical wire.  This beautiful owl sat there for a good 10 minutes, then swept over our heads to another resting spot.  And it is true...you can not hear them fly, they are soundless:

By now dusk was definitely becoming darker.  Here he is on an Electrical Pole, quite oblivious to us down on the street.  Also, there were now two other neighbours taking pictures...this owl could have cared less.  At least I now know who is waking me up in the middle of the wee hours of the morning!

Ina Gawne

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September 29, 2010