If you love a Filet of Fish Burger this is a recipe for you.  The original recipe can be found on this site and it is a winner.  Thank you for sharing Nagi!

With our household being gluten free, we used only gluten free ingredients for our Filet of Fish Burger and we used Atlantic Cod which holds up nicely for a fish burger.  A couple of key notes if you are wanting to make this dish using Gluten Free Bread Crumbs in place of Panko Bread Crumbs:

My gluten free bread crumbs are fairly course in size, so after lightly toasting them in the oven, I ran them through a mini blender to make them more fine in texture.

I did not add extra sugar to the tartar sauce as we used Gherkin pickles which were sweet enough, and we used thinly sliced aged cheddar cheese in place of process cheese.

This said, it is the "dredging recipe" combined with the toasted bread crumbs that made this recipe stand out.  The coating on the fish was crisp and flavorful.  I also baked the fish on a wire rack over a baking sheet which also encourages a crispier coating.

Hands down this is the best Filet of Fish Burger I have ever had and a recipe we will definitely be having again.  Sharing the love - so tasty!


Ina Gawne

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