This was a most delicious dinner!  DH and I have never had fish tacos before, I know, we live a sheltered life.  I just had to share the story behind this wonderful meal.  A few days ago, I was actually researching French Blue Lentils.  You are probably wondering what do Lentils have to do with Fish Tacos?  Absolutely nothing, but I sure am happy with the results.  I was not very successful getting information on French Blue Lentils, there is lots of info on French Green Lentils, but not Blue lentils.  In my search, I literally stumbled upon a blog/cooking show website called COOKUS INTERRUPTUS.  Perhaps you may have already seen it or know about it?
Anyways, at first glance I thought what the heck is this?  As I began watching their cooking videos, pretty soon I was howling with laughter.  These people are a hoot!  They also have some amazing recipes!
These were the condiments that went into the fish tacos, as well as guacamole which I could not fit in the picture.  See the bowl of white sauce?  That is a Creamy Yogurt Cilantro sauce...oh my goodness!  And the dressed salad?  Delightful. This is a meal we will definitely be having again. If you are looking for recipe inspiration, and want a good laugh, or want to check out the recipe for this most delicious meal, please check out COOKUS INTERRUPTUS.  I sure am glad I researched French Blue Lentils!

Ina Gawne
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December 11, 2010