I love this time of year...spring moving into summer heralds such splendor in the garden.  Spending time in the garden, I could not resist taking a few pictures of the lovely color that is starting to emerge. I love love poppies - they bring such beauty to the garden.
A very welcome guest has landed:
Here is another view:
Then over onto the other side of the garden, I can not live without Geraniums:
Nor can I imagine my garden without the lovely Nasturtium, great in salads too:
Doesn't nature provide the greatest pallet of color?  Sure to brighten anyone's day!

Ina Gawne

6 comments on “FLOWERS IN BLOOM”

  1. Oh, so very lovely, Ina! Seeing your flowers makes me happy this morning, especially with one of "our" beloved honeybees getting a little nectar to make some more honey. 🙂
    Happy weekend, dear!

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June 17, 2011