They are finally here...I have been waiting to see fresh Green Garlic Tops, these came from our local Market.  They are so delicious and versatile.  In a salad, they have a lovely crunch, sweet, garlic flavor, with a bit of bite to them.  They are also lovely chopped up and cooked in a pasta sauce as well.  The market had lovely beets, and organic eggs for sale too.  So how about Green Garlic Tops served with steamed beet greens, and a poached egg?  Delicious!

This was for breakfast this morning, but I would eat this for lunch or dinner as well.  Each weekend, I visit the Market down the street, excited to see what the local farmers have brought.  This is the best part of summer, all the fresh beautiful food!
For me, there is nothing better than Fresh, Local, Organic Foods, and we do try our best to eat as Seasonally as possible.  However, in the middle of winter?  I still need my tomatoes....I just do....can't live without them.  Then the market also had this:

Oh, and here is a  picture of the lettuce greens from the Salad Container I planted - it is enough salad for 3 which we will have for a lovely fennel and strawberry salad - the rest of the planter is growing really well too!  And, the summer flowers are coming into full bloom, another joy of summer.

Ina Gawne

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