Getaway Breakfast and An Embarrassing Moment

Why does it always seem when you go away for a mini holiday you eat more???  We had huge breakfasts...I'm talking big!
I always pack my gluten free pancake premix - so those are easy to whip up when we are away.....but there was bacon, eggs, sausages, pan fries......I guess you get the picture!

(This doesn’t really need a recipe….but….hoping my DH will see this, read through and surprise me one morning)  Honestly… I might be waiting a while, sigh!  He is a whiz on the computer, thankfully, or I would not be doing a blog.  He is also my favorite musician,....  his music touches my soul, but in terms of the kitchen..., well, lets just say he is shy!

Bacon grease
Leftover cooked baby potatoes (skin on and sliced)
A few slices of roughly chopped red onion
Sliced scallions
1-2 organic eggs

Heat the bacon grease in a cast iron frying pan on medium high heat.  Once the pan has heated well, add the onions, stirring to sweat out a bit, then add the potatoes.  I discovered the way to know when to turn them is by smell.  You will start to smell the carmalization happening – then turn them over and they should be lovely and golden.  Then add the sliced scallions, reserving some to sprinkle on the entire dish.  Once cooked, transfer to a plate, turn down the heat to low medium, and fry the organic eggs over easy.  I usually add a couple of sliced tomatoes to the pan to heat through as well.

Served with salsa would be yummy.

SO NOW.....THE EMBARRASSING PART.....lord help me!  You see, by nature, I am not an "out there" "social butterfly" "in your face kind of person".  In fact....I am more quiet and shy then people realize.  At times, social situations are all fine and good....but then sometimes I just want to hunker down in my own safe little world....sometimes even hermitize.  Is there such a word?

Well, I may as well spit it out.....The day we were leaving, I began to load up our belongings into the vehicle.  The Chalets we stayed in were right on the water....there is 5-6 in a row.  They all look the same.  Can you guess what I did?  Oh, heavens, help me! ...I was walking back to the Chalet, head down, deep in thought.  Rounded the corner, walked up the stairs, onto the deck, stormed through the door when someone said "Hello there".  I was soooo startled, looking up.....there sat a complete stranger!  I was mortified!  I walked right in like I owned the place!  Here was a pleasant looking gentleman sitting there with a grin on his face!  I said "Ohhhh,.... I beg your pardon,... my humblest apologies"

With that I turned around and "booked it" out the door so fast it would make your head spin.  So in retelling the situation to my husband....he sat there and howled!!!  Laughed his head off!!  I was mortified!  I can see the humor now, but I did not at that moment.  I thought just go ahead and laugh!

Finally we were loaded up ready to go out for breakfast and catch the ferry home.   Honestly, ...all I cared about was getting out of there real fast!  Did not want to run into that gentleman again!

We reached the restaurant, and enjoyed a lovely breakfast.  By now I was starting to feel better....maybe even see a bit of humor in the situation.  I got up to use the washroom, and upon returning to my seat, saw a lovely looking woman smiling at me.  I smiled back, but then realized,... she is really smiling at me.

I turned to look at her partner........Oh noooo, not again!.....there he was, looking at the menu grinning his head off!  I leaned over to my husband and whispered "Can we get out of here?"  He replies "But I'm not  finished my cappuccino yet, whats the hurry?"  I lean in and whisper in his ear...."Embarrassing!!!! So Embarrassing".

With that, he started grinning from ear to ear.....he was clearly enjoying this moment....lucky for him I didn't clobber him one!  But - he saved the day by drinking down his cappuccino and we were off, once again with me flying out the door.  My husband quickly on my he is laughing even harder than ever.  I ran to our vehicle, jumped in and hid.

Oh yes...I was sooooo  ready to hermitize!  One thing is for sure.....when we go back there next year......I will pay very close attention to where my footsteps take me!  Just reading this, still makes me cringe!   Actually, I can sort of chuckle about it now.... well kind of,  just sort of,  well maybe... well maybe not quiet yet....but I'm workin on it!

Ina Gawne
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April 9, 2010