Have you ever been giving thought to a recipe - it formulates in your mind, you can imagine the flavors, the textures....then it goes by the way side for six months?  Mercy!  Why did I wait so long on this one??
The first time I ever had creamed corn was when I was about 17 years old.  It came from a can and I was in love. Pure heaven!  Well, the only creamed corn I can find in my neck of the woods has modified corn starch in it - YUCK!
Normally, I do not stock much in the way of canned goods in my pantry.  Unless it is homemade, the occasional can of Pinto Beans to make a quick Hummus, or good quality Canned Tomatoes - especially for the winter months.  I also will have pre-made  organic chicken stock - for when I do not have homemade on hand.  Oh, and canned tuna or salmon, but that is really about it.  This dish was made with canned sweet corn - fresh would be even better - but, dang....we were so impressed with this dish, canned corn will now be on my pantry shelves.
3 slices of Naturally Smoked Bacon, cut into small bits, and browned
2 Tblsp. butter
1 large minced Shallot
3 Tblsp. Sweet Rice Flour - gives a nice smooth texture to the Roux
1/2 tsp. dried Mustard
good pinch of ground Nutmeg
salt and pepper
2  12 oz. cans of sweet corn, drained
1 3/4 cup chicken stock - just eyeball for consistency,  you might need two cups.
Heat up a frying pan on medium heat.  Add the chopped bacon, stirring until crisp.  Remove to a bowl and set aside. Turn down the pan to low heat.
Add the drained corn to a food processor, and quick pulse about 10 times.  Scrape down the sides, and quick pulse 10 more times.  You don't want a puree, there should still be nice chunks left:
To the pan, add in the butter and chopped shallots.  Saute for about five minutes, until soft.  Add in the 3 Tblsp. of sweet rice flour:
Whisk in the flour, and keep whisking for about 3-4 minutes - it will turn slightly golden in color:
Slowly add in the chicken stock, continuing to whisk.  Don't worry - it might look like it won't come together, but it will.  Just keep whisking, and slowly add in the chicken stock.
Once you have a nice consistency, add in the chopped corn, dried mustard, nutmeg and season with salt and pepper.
Keep on a simmer, continue to cook for another five minutes, adjust for seasonings, then sprinkle bacon bits on top and serve hot.  Enjoy!

Ina Gawne
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November 14, 2011