Have you ever tried MimicCream?  Check out this label.  On the side the list of ingredients are: Purified Water, Almond and Cashew Nut Blend, Natural Flavors, Rice Starch, Sea Salt, Bicarbonate Soda.  An unsweetened cream to use in any recipe that calls for cream.  I made this luscious Vanilla Pudding with MimicCream, recipe to follow, that was to die for.  It tasted like your mouth was filled with silky yumminess!  For more information on this fabulous product, you check out their site here.
The information on the side of the box also states it can be used to make your favorite creamy soups, sauces and gravies.  On that note, I did notice there is some flavor in the MimicCream that overtime takes on a vanilla hint.  I emailed the company asking them if they are looking to change that down the road, and was told they are changing it in their next production run.  Yeahhhh!  In the meantime, for desserts - this is divine.  So versatile - how about rice pudding, cream pies such as coconut cream, banana cream, use in place of milk with granola and the list goes on and on.
For this lovely pudding I used these simple ingredients:

Gluten Free Vanilla Pudding Using MimicCream
2 cups of MimicCream
3 Tblsp. Corn starch and enough MimicCream to make a thick slurry
1/4 cup honey
1 tsp. Vanilla
In a sauce pan on medium high heat, pour in the MimicCream and honey.  Whisk to incorporate and bring to a lite simmer.  Mix up the cornstarch slurry, and slowly add into the MimiCream whisking the entire time until thickened.  Remove from the heat and add in vanilla, stirring to combine.
This pudding set within about 5 minutes.  Serve warm or cold with fruit or your favorite topping.
This is a healthy wonderful alternative to cream, I am so looking forward to their new production run as the recipes I am thinking of are many and varied - Soups, Mac and Cheese, Pasta Sauces, Casseroles, Gravies and many more.   Thank you MimicCream for a wonderful product!

Ina Gawne
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