This was such a refreshing delicious lemonade.  I had gone to our local Nursery to buy my Basil Plants for the summer.  The owner was in the process of cutting back a large Grapefruit Mint Plant, and gifted me with the cuttings.  I had never heard of Grapefruit Mint before, have you?
The flavor of this mint is unique, with a subtle grapefruit hint, not overpowering, and much tastier than regular mint in my opinion.  This lemonade was so tasty, I have to get back to the nursery to buy the plant.  Rather than plant it in the garden, I will plant it in a large pot as my lemon balm and regular mint are taking over the gardens!
I love using fresh herbs in iced beverages like this one and like my Iced Lemon/Mint Tea.
2 cups fresh grapefruit mint leaves (fairly packed down) (lemon balm would be delicious too)
7 cups of boiling water
1 cup of freshly squeezed organic lemon juice
10 Tblsp. Agave Nectar
Add the fresh grapefruit mint leaves to a large pitcher, pouring in the water, allowing to steep 30-40 minutes.
Strain the leaves out of the tea, add in the fresh lemon juice and Agave Nectar stirring to dissolve.  I used tablespoons to measure for sweetness, as I do not like overly sweet lemonade - this was perfect for me, but if you like it sweeter add more Agave Nectar to suit your tastes.
Pour over ice with a lemon wedge and enjoy! 🙂
Here is a mini tour of what is happening in the garden right now:
I separated the basil plants to grow in one big container.  I still have some more to plant!
Check this out:  I planted some cauliflower starts - have you ever seen a pink hued cauliflower?  Not sure what kind of cauliflower this is, but it was very sweet and mighty tasty!
Now onto the flowers:
This Blue Delphinium is as tall as I am - 5'8" - never knew they could grow that tall!
Then the ever growing Cottage Mallow which is almost as tall.  At the far left is an equally tall Rosemary Bush:
Calendula is always bountiful throughout my gardens, a hardy self seeding gem. Mercy...I have a ton of weeding to do!
Campenalla gives such bright color and self seeds as well:
These Purple African Daisy's overwintered from last year - almost unheard of in my neck of the woods!
And finally a lovely dark pink Cosmos - one of may favorite flowers:

Ina Gawne


    1. Thanks Janet! It is to die for! I can't wait to make my 3rd batch. Thinking of freezing the grapefruit mint leaves so we can have this lemonade all year! 🙂

    1. Thanks Carol! Sometimes I do get a bit overwhelmed with all the work a garden needs - but I feel so grateful to have one!

  1. I never heard from this type of mint before but it must be tasty! I love your tasty lemonade, all home-made! Your garden is triving with such lovely veggies & beautiful flowers too! 🙂
    I especially love your bright blue Delphinium! lovely!

  2. Just got a grapefruit plant a couple days ago and transplanted it into a large pot (for container gardening). It smells terrific & I cant wait to try it in drinks and teas. thanks for the recipe

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