Here is another simple side dish.  Are you tired of Root Vegetables yet?  I am dreaming of fresh tomatoes off the vine, fresh basil, zucchini, fresh corn on the cob....lord help me...is it summer yet? Not!! It has been unreasonably cold these past few weeks.  We are so looking forward to warm weather!  In the meantime, this is a tasty, easy way to have more, yes more, winter root vegetables.  Our Farmer's Market beings this Saturday - yeahhhh, I can hardly wait!
1 small bag of peeled organic baby carrots
2 large peeled organic parsnips
a good sprinkling of seasoning blend, I used this one
juice of one lemon
splash or two of Balsamic Vinegar
salt and pepper
Olive oil
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Add the vegetables to a roasting pan, sprinkle a generous amount of your favorite seasoning blend, salt and pepper, a good splash of olive oil, the lemon juice, and a few knobs of butter.
After baking about 20 minutes, toss well to evenly coat, then add in a few splashes of Balsamic vinegar, again tossing to coat.  Bake another 40 minutes, or until golden and eldente.  Serve hot with any main dish.  Enjoy!

Ina Gawne


  1. Lovely simple side dish! I don't use the baby carrots any more because they are more expensive and often just a cut out from the large carrots, but I have a big bag of carrots that I've been whittling down. I only tried parnsips for the first time a few years back, and was surprised I liked them. Great dish, Ina!

  2. I love the combination of carrots and parsnips, and I love roasting them - it really concentrates the sweetness doesn't it? 🙂
    I have a parsnip 'recipe' you might enjoy - must make it soon x

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May 6, 2011