This is a new ingredient discovery for me…..Himalayan Sea Salt.  See the lovely pink color?  It is said that Himalayan Sea Salt contains many more naturally occurring minerals, and health benefits than any other salt.  Please check out Jeena’s Kitchen for the great article she wrote about “Sole” (pronounced solay) and the many health benefits of this salt.

I have been using this salt in all of my cooking and really like it. The first time using this salt, I added it to water that was simmering for steamed asparagus.  Then, I used it in boiling pasta water.  It imparts a distinct, delicate "softness" in terms of flavor to anything you are cooking.
It is hard to describe the taste of this salt….I just know I love it!  You should be able to buy Himalayan Sea Salt in most Health Food Stores…what a great find….one I will continue to always use.

Ina Gawne

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August 22, 2010