See this Hobbit House?  Okay, I know it is a birdhouse.  But I like the sound of Hobbit House better, don't you?  I want to climb into that tiny hole and sleep for three days.  Seriously.  Although, I think the caterpillar on the roof, might beat me to it.
You see, I have always had "whacked" sleep patterns.  Always been a super light sleeper, even as a child.  However, ahem..., with this getting older thing, it has brought along it's own sleep agenda.  One I am not too fond of.
Every once in a while my "whacked" sleep patterns go from bad to worse.  Mercy!
In the last three days, if I am really super lucky, I maybe have had 12 hours of sleep.  I am in zombie mode.  I am a cranky girl.  Nope, not a happy camper.  Seriously, seriously, sleep deprived.  I no sooner fall into a deep slumber, only to wake up - wide awake.  Then I will fall back to sleep, and once again, find myself wide awake.  Sometimes five or six times in one night.  Okay seven times in one night, but who's counting?  My own sleep deprived self, that's who's counting!
On the occasions that this does happen, finally there will come a day, or I should say a night, when I fall into a complete oblivious state of unconsciousness.  I am waiting.  Please, night of oblivion, please come soon?
Usually, after a night like that, I am completely back to normal, and roaring to go!
So tonight, rather than cry my blues, which forgive me, I know I am doing here...I went out to the garden for some cheer.  It kind of helped.
The wind was blowing intensely when I took this picture, but here is the sweet Delphinium.  What would a garden be without this lovely flower?
Here we have a plant that has been with me for years.  Probably 12 a pot that I transplanted into the ground.  It is a type of Geranium, although I have forgotten the name.
Here is a close up of the flower:
This lovely plant throws seeds to the wind, to plant elsewhere in the gardens.  I so love that!  See?  I am cheering up already!  Okay.....I am fibbing.
Signed, one seriously, sleep deprived, cranky girl.  If you don't hear from me for a couple of days...I have fallen asleep in the Hobbit House...hopefully to get some much needed zzzzzz's, very sleepily yours, Ina
P.S.:  Happy Canada Day Everyone!  When I awake from my slumber, I hope to have a new dessert recipe to share - will keep everyone posted! 🙂

Ina Gawne
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  1. Happy Canada Day! xxx
    I love delphiniums - I think it is the colour...
    I have slept much better since trying this Caveman thing... I still sometimes wake in the night, but usually I go straight back to sleep.
    That sleep deprived thing is awful. I've been there - so many times... worse in summer... I think that is why I drink!!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Janet! I had not thought about it before, but it actually is worse in the summer! I should try harder to cut back on the hard being the carb junkie that I am! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photos, Ina, and cute hobbit house. I'm so sorry about the sleep issues. Those often disappear when one goes gluten free because usually they are caused by vitamin/mineral deficiencies, which are typically resolved over time by going gluten free (and once again absorbing vitamins and minerals). Obviously you've been gluten free a long time. Still, those deficiencies could still be in effect and causing issues. Have you tried magnesium? A product called Natural Calm is a nice way to get one's magnesium and sleep.
    Hugs and sleep to you,

    1. Thanks Shirley. You know, now that I think of it, I have been inconsistent with taking my vitamins lately. That could well be it. I will look for Natural Calm - thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  3. Ina, what's so funny to me, is even when "cranky" you sound delightful, so I'm not buying it. Your cranky is likely most folks happy. So here's to a good night's sleep, and dreaming of hobbit homes with comfy beds, no barking dogs and no early sirens. Cheers, Tom

  4. I am all to familiar with the sleep doctor suggested taking 4 Magnesium glycinate chelate 125mg each at bedtime. It does help, although sometimes I do feel a little hang over effect in the morning but it doesn't last long. I just found your site and your recipes look wonderful, can't wait to try them!

    1. Thanks Trish...still ongoing with me. It definitely seems cyclical..but honestly who knows? After 13 meno. years, I have kind of given up...and allowing nature to takes its course. I really believe that diet plays a huge role. Thanks for your kind words, hope you enjoy my site! 🙂

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June 30, 2011