IN THE GARDEN ........
Isn’t she cuuuute!  Isn't she adorable....serenely, quietly, watching.
Thankfully, she was not in my garden, but at the neighbors.  I just happened to look out the window, and there she was.  Just quietly standing, observing….every once in a while her ears would move this way and that….the birds were singing loudly…..spring is here!

Fortunately, my DH added extra fencing throughout the back yard which keeps these gorgeous deer at bay.  And keeps my veggies and flowers safe.

So what are your Easter weekend plans?  And what is cooking  in your kitchen?

We have a birthday Easter going out to Dinner on a place where the Chef is amazing - and best of problems cooking Gluten Free.....and no fear of cross contamination!!!!!!  Yeahhhhh!  And better than that....his food is OUTSTANDING!   Then, on Sunday......making a Beef Pot Roast Dinner....will post beef recipes soon.  Enjoy your Easter Weekend!  Blessings, Ina

Ina Gawne
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  1. Wow what a great shot Ina! We have a birthday today too, we are taking 12 kids to the skating rink for pizza and ice cream cake(I am bring my own GF for myself and my two kids) On Easter Sunday we are going to my mothers for ham and turkey, I am bring my Funeral Zucchini and some chips and salsa for side dishes. Family parties are always a bit tricky but thankfully everyone is willing to make it work. Enjoy the holiday!

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April 3, 2010