Can it truly be?  Has spring actually sprung?  After the winter we have had, I am still wondering, still doubting.  We finally had a couple of days of sunny, mild weather!
This winter has been a winter unlike any I can recall.  Winter storms abounding, lots of snow - very unusual for us West Coasters, tons of gray rainy days - much more common to the coast.
The other surprising weather change is the wind storms.  Living on the coast, we do get our share of wind, but this year has been unusual.  Many many days of howling winds. Wouldn't it be great to capture all that wind to use for electricity?  Some one somewhere needs to make this happen.  Want to please?
Each February, our city has an annual flower count.  This year was a record low.  Not surprising, given the many cold frosty nights.
There is much talk these days of global warming changing our weather patterns.  I have certainly seen many changes to our weather patterns that leads me to believe that global warming is having an influence.
I was just happy to have a decent enough day to finally get out into the garden, to start the spring clean up.  Then seeing these beauties, how could it not brighten the day?
Has old man winter left you, and are you in the garden yet?

Ina Gawne
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4 comments on “IN THE GARDEN MARCH 2011”

  1. What a bunch of truly beautiful purple flowers?? What is their name??
    Georgous pictures too! Ooooooh,....!! Over here it is 14° C! 57,2 F!

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March 20, 2011