This post is long overdue.....we have had these pictures in the camera for ages, since August actually, so I finally got around to doing a new post on our "critters".
We are ruled by our critters.   We are softies, mushes, oh yes....marshmallows.  Lord help us...we can not rescue another critter be it a dog or cat.  With one dog and four cats, enough already!  Although, please don't tell anyone, I might be convinced to scoop up a kitten into my jacket with no one peeking.  I can not believe I just thought that, let alone wrote it down!  Scratch that okay?  By the way, if you want to see an even more adorable cat picture - check out Janet's Post at Nine Hundred and Seventy Twelve Recipes..such a love!
Now, some of these pictures are taken with the camera....some with DH's cell phone, as the one above.  This is our Lily love curled up asleep.  She is doing much better these days, she does not have as many nightmares like she used to have....although, she still has some ongoing issues, life for her is getting somewhat better.  You can read Lily's story here.
Here, Lily has jumped up a 7 foot tall Armoire , a piece of cake for her.  This seems to be her throne, from which she can look down on her lowly subjects...namely myself and my DH to answer to her every command.
Another regal position, from DH's cell phone camera.  By the way, my walls are not this nasty shade of green they are Taupe!  Where Lily is concerned, she could not get any sweeter than she is, but honestly?  I swear with each passing day she does.
Here, Lily is graciously sharing Tara's carpet. (bless Tara's heart....for being so kind and ever so accommodating to our cat kingdom)
Did you know that a cat's vocal cords are very similar to a human's?  This is why cats have such a wide range of sound.  Lily has 3 different sounding purr's.  Her regular soft purr, then when she is lovey dovey, her purr turns into a coo - like a pigeon.  Her really revved up purr sounds like a chirp - very heart melting.
Now onto Mr. Tucker:
He is king, of the gardens...he rules his domain with regal bearing.  Aside from my truck that is.  p.s. please ignore the bird was late berry season when these pictures were taken.
He is being camera shy at the moment....but then he decided to do a modelling session:
Then he was on the move:
Finally, he climbs down from my truck, to flop on the ground and say: "would you get down here....I need some rubs"!
Mr. Tucker is very intense - he will let you know in no uncertain terms what he wants...and he wants it now.
Tucker's purr sounds like a loud engine revving up - well he is a large cat - all twenty two pounds of him, so one would expect his purr to be ginormous.
Now onto my dtr.'s cats, who live downstairs...lord help me.  What will we do when they move, and one day they will...I can only say it will be a sad day in this house.   This is our pretty boy he not so pretty?  In the shower no less:
Such a sweet boy, although, don't piss him off.  Seriously, he abides by no-nonsense, you can't fool this boy, no how no way.  If he is mad at you, because you went to work, or took too long doing the laundry, he will snub you for ages, no matter how much loving you try to give him.  Then he finally comes to you to receive a few rubs, only to give you a swat to tell you, "I am still mad at you".  So we have to anticipation, then another half hour goes by and he is all lovey dovey.  And, we melt, oh yes we melt.
Oscar's purr is very soft, as is his meow.  He is the quietest cat I have ever known.  Barely makes a peep!
Now onto the queen of Egypt, Jerri:
Sometimes Jerri acts more like a dog than the feral cat she is.  If someone new comes into the house, she has to sniff them from head to toe.  You can not reach out to pat her, as she will scratch.  She is not mean, she just lacks what a mommy cat would have taught her.   She adores us, but strangers, beware.
This is her favorite past time:
Jerri is not the least bit afraid of water.  She loves it.  When she was a baby kitten, having no mother to teach her how to clean, we would put her in a sink with warm water.  This was to teach her to lick herself dry and clean.  To this day, she loves water, in fact, once she even jumped into the shower with our Daughter!  She is a sweet little thing, she just lacks the social graces that most cats have.
Jerri's purr sounds like a motorcycle revving up - it's steady and intense!
So this is our wonderful world in the animal kingdom....I'm off to feed the critters, fill the water bowls, give out the lovin' and whatever else our beloveds demand. 🙂

Ina Gawne

6 comments on “IT'S A CAT'S WORLD”

  1. Mr Tucker looks so much like my late Newk!
    Newk had the best nature - he was a great, big sweetheart.
    And I'm SO glad little Lily is able to relax more - it's such a good thing she has you two. XO
    (isn't it strange - the way that taupe becomes green in some photos? - that happens to me too!)

  2. I love the cat pictures! I love our cat but DH is not impressed. He loved cats until the girls came along, now he does not have the emotional energy for one. I am going to laugh at him when the girls come home with a stray kitten one of these days. OH, and you do not know ugly green walls until you've seen mint green ones...which was the color the previous owners of our house chose to paint the living and dining areas! It was new paint too, with the new paint smell! We promptly painted over them. Blech.

    1. Thanks Erin! As you can probably tell, we are serious cat freaks in this house! Mint green? Yikes! You are right, that would be even worse...I can't imagine. I would have to paint immediately! 🙂

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January 7, 2012