Recently, I received this wonderful book from Joy Bauer to review. (You can visit Joy Bauer's website here.)  Plus I also received the book:  Joy Bauer Slim and Scrumptious - a book I am looking forward to.  A review to follow this one soon.
Joy's Book - Food Cures is a comprehensive, educational, inspiring book that looks at the many areas of how food affects our health.  I am a firm believer that food can heal the body and prevent disease.  Joy's book lists chapters on various diseases: Heart disease, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Migraines, (to name a few) - then she outlines what foods most benefit these diseases as well as the prevention of illness through a healthy diet.
Chapter 18 covers good ground on Celiac Disease - and as you know from my blog, the more information about Celiac Disease that gets out there in the world, the happier I am! 🙂
Joy also covers in detail, the benefits of Vitamins, Minerals, Omegas, Healthy Fats and Antioxidants, which I found very informative.
With each chapter, there is a weekly food menu, offering a wide selection of meals, which include a number of delicious and healthy recipes, that are easy to follow. They could easily be converted to Gluten Free.  As well, there are some delicious, healthy snack options...gotta love that!
This is a book I really recommend.  I will definitely be sharing it with my Daughter and Son who now live on their own and cook for themselves.  The younger one starts with healthy, "REAL"  food, the better their lives will be.  Thank you, Joy, for your books that offer healthy Real food, awareness and education. And most importantly, gives people the inspiration to get into the kitchen and cook!
Here are a few of the recipes I have tried so far - all delicious. I can't wait for more.
Celiac Disease Chapter 18,  Page 433

The only thing I did different to this recipe was to add a bit of Sorghum flour and Rice flour to the Buckwheat.  The flavors and textures in these pancakes were delicious.  The lemon yogurt topping was a winning combination, and a healthy alternative to maple syrup. We will be having these for breakfast again tomorrow - yum!
Memory  Chapter 12,  Page 297
Mercy....did we love this dish.  The only thing I did different was to use Gluten Free Tamari Sauce - which is quite strong, so I also added a splash of water to the was perfect.
Cardiovascular Disease  Chapter 7  page 149
A delicious hearty to add to the recipe box - packed full of flavor.  Fresh mushrooms, zucchini, herbs - so tasty!  The only thing I did different was to add Quinoa Flakes because I can not do gluten free oats. Again I used Gluten Free Tamari Sauce in place of Soy sauce.
I have to say, it has been fun working with someone else's recipes...all of which will now be in my repertoire.   An informative, educational, book with delicious healthy recipes - most worthy of anyone's kitchen.

Ina Gawne

12 comments on “JOY BAUER'S FOOD CURES”

  1. Thanks for sharing this book - must check it out. Nice to discover tasty recipes without the fat, sugar and guilt.

  2. The apple cinnamon pancakes and grilled asian salmon sound heavenly!:)
    What a whole lot of healthy recipes!!:D It's definitely a great thing to have such a lovely book full of recipes on your hand 😉

  3. Yeah! You received the book too! 🙂 Happy times! I agree, I absolutely loved this book but there were a few things not okey like using the best coconut blossom sugar & eating raw foods. But I already made a lot of her tasty recipes,..;without any guilt too!

    1. Sophie - I really enjoyed Joy's books too. I had much fun in the kitchen trying her recipes. I still can not find coconut blossom sugar where I live, but will keep searching! 🙂

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January 25, 2012