Every once in a while, I find a great "score" at the the local Thrift Store. Some days can be hit and miss.  Today, was definitely a hit.  Upon walking into the store, here sat two lovely enameled pots. This is a lovely saute, or braising pan - in perfect condition.  Check out the inside:
Here is the second matching pot:
Smaller in width, but deeper - great for heating up soups, steaming potatoes or vegetables.  The inside of this pot is perfect too:
When I got home, my daughter was visiting.  I pulled these pots out of the bag and said "I so scored, what do you think?"  I could tell, my daughter was trying to spare my feelings.   She said "Honestly?"  I said yes.  "Well, Mom.., honestly, they look like old school Grandma pots".  What??  So I responded: "Well, I ain't no Grandma, and I love these pots"!  She responded by saying "OOOOOkaaaayyyyy" .   Never one to hold back her opinions, I thought, fair enough, to each his own.  We can't all like the same things right?  Now comes the best part:
Both of these pots are fairly heavy in weight, always a good thing.   The first pot had a sticker price of $4.00  The second pot $3.00.  Score!  But then I forgot it was "Poker Chip Wednesday".  When I got to the counter, the clerk handed me a dark bag, to select a poker chip.  In went my hand, pulling out a blue chip.  Half Price.  Double Score!  These two lovely pots cost a total of $3.50.  How awesome is that?
I did give these pots a good scrub, just to be sure of no gluten contamination.  They are lovely enough to use as serving dishes too, and how pretty they look in the kitchen.  Grandma pots or not I love them.  And what is not to love about a double score at the thrift store, and poker chip Wed.?   It makes it all the more fun. 🙂

Ina Gawne
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  1. I like your Grandma Pots, they have character! The enamel will be easy to clean, heavy pots are good, and the price is the best part. Thrift shopping is fun, especially when it involves poker chips!

  2. I was wondering how you were going to tie in kitchen happiness with poker! LOL Great score for sure. One day your daughter might like "grandma pots," too. 😉 These are beautiful, Ina. Using them would make me very happy. 🙂

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June 22, 2011