Yeahh...we finally have sun, pray it lasts!  It is amazing how in one week, the gardens are taking off!  This is the entrance to our back garden, and in 2 days this lovely rhodo just exploded with color:

We have been getting the most scrumptious organic baby carrots from our local market each week - mine won't be ready for some time now.  But in walking around the market, I saw lovely salad containers for sale.  One of these planters actually had a two year old apple tree in it - with apples!  I had some extra plantings in the mini green house, so went home and made one up myself.  In it is:  2 kinds of leaf lettuce, the edible calendula flowers, an ever bearing strawberry plant, a tomato plant, and some swiss chard.  We have it on our sun deck so we can just go out to pick fresh food any time we want.

What a great idea, especially for people that do not have garden space.  The plantings could be salad fixings, herbs, berries - all fresh and easy to maintain.  I used some good organic composted soil, and mixed in Original Sea Soil for a good fertilizer.  Once the plants get bigger the planter will look prettier too!  Now I am thinking about another patio planter:  Tomato with basil plants...and also thinking I could really get carried away with this planter idea!
Nice railings! (p.s. this is my DH's comment, I was having technical difficulties with this post in terms of sentences and pictures fitting, so he threw in this comment to help make the pictures and sentences work)  But on that note..he did build us a gorgeous deck last year.
This lovely salad is from the garden in the back yard: spinach, lettuce, chive flowers, and radishes.

And this bouquet of greenery, is lemon balm and spearmint, which at the moment
is growing out of control.  This bunch is going to the EdGe Restaurant to make lovely iced teas, recipe pending. As well I picked a bunch of  Rosemary which I finally had to cut back quite drastically as it was getting almost as tall as me!  And, I continue in the war of the slugs, I am out there every morning. I have never seen so many in one year, they are eating just about everything.  It's a nasty occupation, I wouldn't recommend it.   Wish I could have some chickens...they eat slugs don't they?

Ina Gawne


  1. I had a salad container like that if lettuce when we lived in Ireland. Never enough for a salad but perfect to add to sandwiches for most of the summer.

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