I love many colors, and I love how it self seeds....this could take over my gardens any day, better that than weeds.  Dang!  This picture does not do justice!   The weather is finally warming up....more vegetable plantings will be underway this weekend.  In the mean time we had beautiful greens from last fall's plantings.  This was the last of our Swiss Chard we have had for 3 weeks now.

We have had many variations of side dishes with the various greens, but have to say my all time favorite, is the recipe for Braised Swiss Chard.
There are seedlings of winter squash, zucchini, basil and tomatoes in our mini greenhouse.  I would show you a picture, but, it is not too pretty a green house.  My DH built if for me last year.....despite how it looks - it really works well, so will not complain!  Still have tons of Bachelor Buttons - keep digging them up and transplanting...they are starting to take over.  As well, each year I save the flower heads off of Rudebekia and just throw the seeds around the gardens in by summer they are a gorgeous display...will take pictures down the road.

Also in bloom right now:  Wall flowers, Coral Bells, Poppies, and the lovely Rhodo:

In the next few will be very busy in the gardens....but so much fun, and each year we learn new things.  One new discovery for us is....Strawberries!  I have never grown them, because we usually are at war with the slugs....but our local nursery has devised a great way to grow them.  They actually use PVC pipe, cut in half, with drain holes at the bottom sides, which is then attached by wire to wooden posts.  This hangs over the garden, so when watering, the run off actually goes into another raised Veggi Bed!   Isn't this a great idea?  We bought some Ever Bearing Strawberry plants, hope to get this contraption built in the next day or when it is happening....will keep you posted.  How are your gardens growing?

Ina Gawne

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May 16, 2010