I love to watch Mother Nature Work her Magic.  With these series of flower pictures, I am amazed, because I did not plant a single one!

The Snap Dragons and the lovely Cottage Mallow, were carried in the wind, from one side of the garden to another.  The Snapdragons, I had growing in a large pot on the other side of the garden.  And the Cottage Mallow was planted in a raised Perennial bed, that also sits on the other side of the garden.  Not yet in bloom, but well on the way, Rhudebecia, and Campenella, also are scattered through out the gardens, their precious seeds carried in the wind.  I love how that happens. As well each year the Calendula, Poppies, Bachelor Buttons, Columbine, Nasturtiums all self seed.  Each year the gardens become more lush, and the landscape constantly changes.  Some of the Snap Dragons and Rhudebecia are actually growing in the Veggie beds, as well as Calendula and Nasturtiums which I have chosen to let thrive.  As long as they do not crowd out the vegetables, they look lovely in amongst the gardens.  Seeing Nature work it's wonders puts a smile on my face, and joy in my heart, even on a cloudy day!

Ina Gawne

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June 20, 2010