I love love this salsa! The recipe comes from a chef, at a lovely restaurant called the Rock Salt on Salt Spring Island. Every time we visit, that is where we will head for breakfast or dinner. Every time I eat their salsa, I always think it is the best I have ever had. It is so refreshing, and light tasting. I kept thinking, there is something else going on in this salsa, but could not figure it out. Well they shared the recipe! You can find it here. This makes a large amount of salsa - great for a big crowd. I did not change anything in the recipe except to add in some extra cilantro, being the cilantro lover I am! This salsa is on the runny side....honestly, I could drink it! And the ingredient that is key: lime juice and zest. It is not a hot salsa, but you could always add extra jalapeno to kick it up a notch. So far, we have been eating it with eggs, on toasted gluten free bread with a sprinkling of goat cheese, turkey ranch burgers, nachos, even right out of the bowl!

Also on this trip, was the restaurant the guys played their music at called the Tree House Cafe.

It is a wonderful, whimsical little place....that actually has a tree in the middle of the outdoor space!

We are always guaranteed there will be something gluten free on the menu: delicious chicken corn burritos for dinner.

Then on our last day here, we headed to a secluded tiny beach to hang out for the serene, quiet and beautiful, one of our favorite beaches.

Can't wait to get back to this lovely Island Getaway!

Ina Gawne
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July 6, 2010