And A  Silly Story To Share.....
I meant to do this post back in May, when this was actually going on....but I had too many other posts that I was excited about...hence, this post is late!  Now here we are in September, and it has started again!
We have a forest behind our neighbors house....which is home to some beautiful Owls.  Not sure if it is their mating season right now, but lately starting around 2:00 a.m to 6:00 a.m. I have been woken up by their lively "Hooting".  It actually is a beautiful sound.  These owls are quite large, anywhere from 2-3 ft. in length, grayish/brown spotted in color.  They also screech, yet in doing research, the typical West Coast Screech Owl is quite small in size.  Maybe a Barred Owl?  You can see a picture of what this owl looks like here.
This morning, having woken up at 4:00 a.m. to this lovely sound, I could not go back to sleep, so decided to head into the kitchen to make BLT's.
See this olive oil decanter?  Inside is a delicious 100%  pure olive oil.  An Italian olive oil - Ottavio Multi-Purpose olive oil, which is a blend of  regular olive oil and virgin oils.  This is what I most often cook with, saving the extra  virgin olive oil for spreads, dips, dressings and bread.
Deliciousness!  So, in cleaning up the stove from splattered bacon grease, what did I do?  In my haste, my elbow caught this decanter of olive oil - and down it went - spilling about 2/3 cup of oil.  It went  down in sloooow.........motion.......first the fall, then in shock at my own clumsiness, (I forgot to take a picture of the mess), I watched as oil slowly dripped down the cupboard drawers, between the crack of the oven door, dripping off of the microwave stand, splashing up onto the baseboards, and finally pooling on the kitchen floor.  Did I curse and swear?  Surprisingly not.  Did I want to cry?  Well, yes, at first.  But then I decided - get on with it.  Out came some more HOT soapy water - 10 minutes later, you would not have known it had happened at all.  In deciding  not to cry over spilled olive oil, I must say it is DANG messy to clean up!   And whether the owls wake me up or not, don't think I will be getting up at 4:00 in the morning to make BLT's anytime too soon.  Oh, and guess what?  A few days later, I did it again, unbelievable, and yes, that time, there were a few choice curse words!

Ina Gawne

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September 12, 2010