With all the rain we have recently had, yesterday we finally had a day of sunshine!  I was able to get out to the garden, pick the remaining tomatoes, basil, parsley, and chives.  We decided to fire up the grill and have these tasty BBQ dry rubbed Pork Steaks:

The dry rub I used was from this recipe here.  Mouth watering tender and tasty!  Then gathering up the herbs, I minced them finely and tossed them into a salad - it gives a salad so much more flavor.

This weekend we will be putting the gardens to bed for the winter.  Well having said that, I did plant some winter greens - collards, swiss chard, kale, lettuce - but on the West Coast you never know if the winter will be too wet - previous winters have often drowned the gardens, so we always know we are taking  a chance with a winter garden.

So, in getting back to the BBQ, I have some cleaning questions, as well, I wanted to share this wonderful BBQ cleaning kit, DH found at our local Hardware Store - check this out:

What I love about this set is there are two brush attachments that have bristles on all sides, so you can really get into the grooves of the grill for cleaning.  But, even better than that, you fill up the handle with water, then spray onto the hot grill which creates steam, making clean up more efficient.  Love love this set of cleaning tools for the grill! 

This is our first year using a BBQ, many people living on the West Coast often BBQ year round, rain, sleet or shine, not sure if we will - but its nice to know we can especially when there is a power outage.  Do you grill year round?  The other thing I wonder about, how do you clean the lid, sides and bottom of the BBQ?  When we first got the BBQ, I would try using hot soapy water, but it started to become more difficult as time went on.  Do you just leave it? Does anyone have any recommendations?  Any suggestions would be most helpful, thank you kindly, being the BBQ "newbies" that we are!

Ina Gawne


  1. Mon mari has been cooking on the barbecue for years - he doesn't clean the outside, ever.... although every few years he scrapes it down and repaints it. He says you can reasonably use it as long as the temp is above 40 - 45F Any colder and it gets hard to judge the food... Partly because it's too cold to stand and watch it LOL

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