We have recently had our annual Weekend Getaway to Salt Spring Island - a little bit of paradise.  We once again stayed at The Cottage Resort, and with the warm weather finally here, we got to swim in that gorgeous lake - it was fabulous!  One of these summers I so want a full week stay at this lovely resort - three days is just not enough!
Last year I did a similar post, and discovered I had to do some innovative cooking with a two burner cook top and no oven.  Did I remember this?  I totally forgot.
Did I remember to bring my sharp Wusthof Knives and pepper mill with a Gourmet blend of peppers?  No I did not.  Dang.  This is our third year staying at the Cottage Resort - you would think I would remember.
Despite that, we had some amazing food cooked on this little cook top.  Usually we will go out for dinner at least on one night.  However, we found a grocery store that sells:  Hormone Antibiotic Free beef, pork, chicken and even cut up turkey legs and breasts!  The turkey sizes were too large for the two of us - wish we could have brought some home for the freezer.  With such a great selection of wonderful meat and all the fresh vegetables we were able to get at the Farmer's market - we ate like kings!
I have a new recipe to share - it will be at the end of this post.  The first night we had Triple AAA steaks, with steamed vegetables - to die for.
Then on the second night, I decided to make a simple Teriyaki Ginger Marinade for the chicken breasts and more lovely steamed vegetables.  I'd like to share with you dear readers, the process of these vegetables - so so good.But first - check this out:
We found some beautiful Sweet Red Peppers at a local Farmer's Market on Salt Spring.  Normally I shy away from peppers - I love them, but my body does not.  The farmer gave us a slice to taste - mercy - the sweetest tasting pepper I have ever had in my life!  And no adverse reaction.  We did bring home some of these lovely organic sweet peppers - what a difference from regular store bought sweet peppers.
First marinate the chicken in a Teriyaki Ginger marinade for a good 7-8 hours. Remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes before cooking.  I fried the chicken in a little olive oil, just to brown nicely on each side.  While that was happening, I had some new potatoes on the simmer, and once they were almost cooked, I added in the fresh carrots, patti pan squash, green and yellow beans to cook until eldente.  Then I removed the carrots, squash and beans from the pot, and set aside in cold water.
Then after the chicken was browned nicely, I added a lid.  Well, you make do with what you have - it worked well.
After 35 minutes total cooking time for the chicken, I removed the chicken to a platter.  To the frying pan on medium heat, add in sliced red peppers, and a few slices of garlic sauteing for about 3 minutes.
Then add in the drained carrots squash and beans sauteing to heat through.
Season with salt and pepper and serve along side the steamed potatoes and chicken.  The sauted vegetables picked up the flavor of the chicken - so so good.  I love all that color - super healthy deliciousness.

Now the third night - another yummy dinner and a recipe.
This dish is Seared Pork Chops in a Garlic Mustard Red Pepper sauce reduction.  Oh my word was it tasty!  Often times when looking for a grainy mustard, I find it it too grainy or the grains are too big.  Then I found this which was absolutely perfect:
What a beautiful tasting seed style mustard - not too strong, not too grainy and not too big seeds - just right.  I know, I sound like Goldilocks from the Three Bears....but it is so so true.
2 pork chops
6-8 slices of fresh organic red pepper
3 fresh garden grown garlic cloves, sliced
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/2 - 2/3 cup steamed vegetable water - from the potatoes, fresh beans, carrots and patti pan squash
1 heaping Tblsp. Light Seed Mustard
First I steamed some fresh organic beets in some water and a few good splashes of balsamic vinegar.  They cooked until eldente, then I removed them from the heat - so I could use the burner to cook the other vegetables - once again fresh new potatoes - almost cooked through then I added the carrots, beans, patti pan squash. Once these vegetables were done, I removed from the heat and returned the beets to the burner to simmer hard for another 5 minutes.
During the cooking time for the vegetables I also started the Pork Chops:  I simply drizzled Extra Virgin Olive Oil over the pork chops and seasoned with salt and pepper on each side.  Add them to the frying pan, then turn on the heat to medium - cook about 5 minutes per side once you start to hear the sizzle. (the time will depend on the thickness of the chops, so if yours are bone in and thick add an extra minute or two)
Remove to a plate and cover with foil, allowing to rest.
Meanwhile slice up 6-8 slices of red pepper, and slice up 2 garlic cloves.  Add them to the pan and saute for about 3-4 minutes.
Then, using the water from the cooked potatoes, carrots, beans, and squash - add a good splash to the pan - about 1/2 - 2/3 of a cups worth. (I had no stock with me)
Bring to a simmer and season with salt and fresh cracked pepper.
Once simmering, add in a heaping Tablespoon of Seed Mustard, whisking well, and reduce to half.
Check for seasonings, then pour over the seared pork chops.
We had a lovely weekend with beautiful weather, great music, and fabulous food.  I leave you with one gorgeous picture of Maiya.  Maiya's sister Mia had an owie and was not allowed to run around like her sister visiting all of the cottages. These sisters have the most beautiful, soft, loving energy...how sweet is this?
Here is a picture from last year of these two sweet sisters.  Can't wait to go back next year.

Ina Gawne


  1. Oh yum! It all looks so good! Isn't it amazing what you can do with so little equipment?? I find it's quite fun to make something delicious out of something so simple... and the doggies are beautiful... We have been away for the weekend too and I'm just about to go and collect Poppy from the orphanage... 🙂 XO

    1. Janet- hope you both had a great getaway too! Oooohhh you might be in the "dog house" with poppy! Every time we go away our Dtr. looks after the critters, but we still pay! They ignore us when we first get home, they snub us for a few hours, then they are all over us for days on end! Good luck with your lovely little ones! 🙂

  2. Ooh waw, Ina! Iall of the food dishes look amazing, appetizing & wonderful! 🙂
    What stunning looking sister dogs! Are they Border Collies?

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August 18, 2012