Our Great Getaway

We had a lovely 4 day getaway that I wanted to share.....sights, food, (I hope sound, if my DH can make that happen?) oh....and one very embarrassing moment!  (if I have the guts to spill it!) Will do a post for each day.
Always when we travel, we rent accommodations that provide a kitchen.  I have learned the hard way....now it is the only way we travel.  I always pack extra gluten free food to bring with us:  pancake pre-mix,  bread, buns, pasta, some condiments, oh and of course....my toaster!  Usually, we will stock up on other groceries - fresh veggies, fruit, eggs, meat etc. once we have arrived at our destination.  On the day we leave, I always make sure we have had a BIG breakfast, I pack big lunches such as chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, Lara Bars, cheese and GF crackers, salsa and nachos to name a few things.  We have a great cooler, to keep things at the right temperature.  Life is soo much easier, when you plan ahead.  It does mean you pack a lot of extras but as  a Celiac, I won't travel any other way.  By making your own food.....you know it is good.....but more importantly, that it is safe.
I also learned another important lesson.  B&B's, Chalets, Cottages, are often equipped with the essentials for cooking - nothing fancy by any means, but enough that you can cook your own meals.  I had the unfortunate experience one time of getting sick....the dishes and pots and pans were not clean - so got glutened!  Now, I wash all the dishes, utensils, pots and pans before I use them.  (I also will not use any wood cutting boards)  I know this sounds like a drag....especially when on holidays, but for me....better safe than sorry!
This being said......onto our first meal:

STEAK ??????
Why the question marks?  I have not eaten beef in 15 years.  When I first began the healing process from Celiac Disease, I found I could no longer tolerate beef of any kind.  My body simply would not digest it.  So, we ate turkey, chicken, fish and sometimes pork and lamb.
Well, for about 1 year now, every time I see a cooking show that involves beef, I found myself drooling!  Then as time went on, I seemed to develop a huge craving for Beef.
Once we were off of the Ferry, we headed into town to buy a few groceries.  I stood in the meat aisle, looking at steak.  My husband was watching me…then quietly said:  “what are you doing??”  I thought for a moment and said “I want steak”.  He looked at me in disbelief…and slowly said “Okaaay”.  He proceeded to stare at me then said….. “Is my wife in there…. or have aliens taken over??”  I assured him, I was still “in there”, this was still "me" standing next to him.
We packed our food into the truck and were off to our A frame chalet by the sea.
Upon arriving…..kitchen was minimally set up…with a cook top, fridge, dishes and a few pots and pans.
I took out the frying pan.  It was a non-stick 12 inch pan….but the middle was warped – like it warbled and did not sit flat on the element.  Oh well I thought, having not cooked steak in 15 years, this would be interesting.
Steamed baby potatoes, steamed organic carrots and asparagus.  Then the STEAK with sauted mushrooms in brown garlic butter.  Oh, my, word!!!!!  It was heaven!  (I even woke up at 3:00 a.m. – and raided the fridge for more leftover cold steak – I couldn’t get enough!)  We finished off the meal with sliced fresh pineapple for desert.  Soooo delicious.
I know from experience….although beef is still rich for me, I had no problems at all…. what I will do in the future is have it once in a while.  Everything in moderation, right?  So glad we took a chance.  Yeahhh for Steak!!!!
to be continued....with a new recipe!

Ina Gawne

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April 6, 2010