It is with much sadness in my heart to say that our beloved dog Tara has left us for a better world.  One where she is free from illness, free from any restriction or discomfort.
I have been debating these past few days whether or not to do this post...but then DH dug up these gorgeous pictures...pictures that needed words.
Tara was a beautiful spirit full of life, that filled our lives with immense joy.
Our Tara girl would have been 13 this September.  A mere 3 months away.  According to the Vet she is considered geriatric...95-97? years old in human years.  She said most pure bred labs do not live well past 10 or 11, so we were lucky to have her as long as we did.
In hindsight, we came to understand that Tara had actually been sick for much longer than we realized.  Luckily she was in no pain...thank GOD!
She had been sick on and off since Dec./12 to date.  Slowly, she stopped eating, because each time she did, she threw everything up.  We changed her food, then for a few days she would be great..playing, running, catching her frizby or ball.
Slowly things got worse.  We took her to the vets on a Thurs.  They did tests and determined that she has Cushing's Disease. By then she had lost 12-15 lbs.  She was skin and bones.
With Cushing's Disease, the adrenals overproduce the hormone cortisol.  As a result it makes her nauseous and then she vomits.  The upside is that extra cortisol in the body of a dog eliminates pain.  She also had an enlarged liver...they suspected cancer.
We went home that afternoon.  I made her a steamed chicken breast with mashed carrot and rice.  She hoovered the food...only hours later to throw it back up.  On top of that she had huge clumps of fur falling out.
I looked at her....and I saw in her eyes, that she has had enough. I could not bear her suffering any longer.  I said to DH..it is her time, it is time we let her go.  The next day was Friday....the next day we said goodbye.
The Vets said she maybe had 2-4 weeks left, that this was the most humane way of passing.  Although she could not eat, at least she was not in any pain.
Tara was a beloved member of our family.  We all loved her....but for my DH...this was his baby.  He is in serious grieving mode.  I know one day he will feel better and move through this...but until then, for us, life is feeling very sad.
I leave you with some of our fondest memories:
Here she is in "puppy mode".  She looks to be one or two...in fact she was eight years old.  Her "puppiness" never left her, even in older age.
Tara loved the snow...she used to run with her nose in the snow...she was wanting to swim!

Next to eating...swimming was Tara's favorite past time.  Here she is leaping off of some rocks to chase a frisbee into the water at our local Sooke Pot Holes.
Here she is...somewhat older, cozy in her bed.  Ohhh how we will miss her.  Be in Bliss Sweet Tara Girl....your love and memories will live in our hearts.  We are so grateful to your loving spirit to have shared your world with ours.  We will love you always and forever!

Ina Gawne
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18 comments on “OUR SWEET GIRL IS GONE”

  1. Ooh sorry to hear of the loss of your favourite & beautiful dog. She was a real cuty & she loved the snow & to swim! How cool is that!
    What a lovely ode to her & her life,...She was very old in dog years!!! Hugs! xxx

  2. Oh Ina! I'm sitting here with tears pouring down my face. I'm so very sorry. I understand how much Tara was loved and what her passing means to you all.
    She was very beautiful - the first lab I've ever seen who wasn't a fatty - she had a real sparkle in her eyes.
    Much love to you both. XXX

  3. I'm so sorry... Lovely post and tribute. It's such a hard decision to make, but she told you it was time. They know.... Doesn't make it any easier.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Ina. Tara was a beautiful member of your family, and she will always live in your hearts. My favorite dog passed away at 13 years old too. She was sick and immoble for days...the last thing she ever did was get up to follow my grandpa to the barn, one last act of companionship, then she laid down and died. Breaks my heart to this day. My heart goes out to you during this tough time.

    1. Thanks Erin, and thank you for sharing your story. Awww...that would break my heart too. It is so tough loosing a beloved pet!

  5. Ina, Indeed what a sweet girl you had in your life close to 13 years. Her photos do her well in capturing the spirit and life of this lovely pooch. I'm so sorry she couldn't live to be a healthy 20. That's what I tell Boz and Gracie, you two aren't going anywhere. Take care and here's to all the great memories, and I especially love the photo of Tara jumping in the water with sheer focus and joy.

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June 9, 2013