At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, which this is not – I just wanted to share some things I love in the kitchen.
There are many, many wonderful cook wear sets available today.  I love Le Crueset, Mario Batali, Lodge, but my all time favorite everyday cook wear, hands down is Paderno.  It really makes such a difference when you can use various kitchen cook wear, tools, equipment that help things run more smoothly in the kitchen.
Paderno cook wear originated from Prince Edward Island, Canada, but is available world wide.  Labelled Paderno, Pots For Eternity, stainless steel cook wear with precise heat control, and exceptional durability.  This cook wear lives up to its name!
Back in the day, I could not afford to buy a whole set, but with each year, came factory outlet sales, so bit by bit I would add a new pot, sauté pan, Dutch oven to my collection.  I can’t say enough about this cook wear – by far it is the best I have used.  It also comes with a 25 year warranty, and they look pretty too!

About six months ago, I purchased their 12 inch Eco non-stick pan.  Wow.  Once again they have exceeded my expectations.  This pan has a riveted steel handle, oven safe to 400 degrees, removable ergonomic silicone sleeve, and easily cleans up.  It is made with 100% ceramica non-stick coating which they say is 6 times stronger than traditional coatings, and the best part:  PFOA and PTFE free – making it a better “green” choice.  Gotta love that.

I whipped up some potato cakes using the eco pan.  See the lovely carmelized golden yumminess on the potato cake?  This pan is perfect for making pancakes of any kind.  For these, I had leftover Garlic Mashed Potatoes, using your hands, take a handful of mashes potato and flatten with your palms.  Heat up your pan medium heat with a knob of butter,  place in the potato cake to cook.  The key here, is patience...let it get golden, till you start to smell the carmelization happening, then flip over to cook the other side.  So tasty.
I also received their 12 inch beautiful green enameled cast iron frying pan for Christmas....(that feels like a long time ago!)  Again – so impressed.  This is heavy duty – great for the stove top and oven.  I take care to “season” the pan each time I use it….it is working out great.  Thank you Paderno.  You make my kitchen happy.

What cook wear makes your kitchen happy?

Ina Gawne
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3 comments on “PADERNO, I LOVE YOU!”

  1. How do you clean your paderno frying pan?
    I have the same one and so far it has been amazing however, I made scrambled eggs this morning and they stuck.
    Any care/non stick suggestions?

    1. Heather - that has happened to me in the past too. I run warm water in the pan, and use a non metal flipper or spatula to scrape off the egg. Then just wash with a dish cloth and warm water. Once cleaned and dry - re-season the pan with oil and bake in a 300 degree oven 30-45 minutes. I have found as long as I re-season the pan ever second use or so - it is finally developing a nice surface.

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May 30, 2010