This was a refreshing salad to have after all of the sugary sweets over the holidays.  Pomegranates are a once a year treat for me.  We do love to eat local and fresh, but in the winter, it is hard not to have a few non-local indulgences.  Where would I be without fresh lemons, grapefruit, hot house cucumbers and tomatoes?  I can't live without them!  I know there is nothing better than fresh and local in the summer time for sure.  Despite that, this was a simple, refreshing salad in the middle of winter - one I devoured!
I shredded some lettuce, diced up some green onions, celery, cucumber, then topped it with feta cheese. Added a sprinkling of fresh Pomegranate seeds and a few olives.  A light drizzle of good Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a squeeze of fresh lemon, fresh cracked pepper and an unseasonably delightful salad is served.
Pomegranates have such a short season, so when I see them in the stores, I have to scoop up a few.  Such a heavenly fruit.  I also used them in my very first Cranberry Sauce recipe - it was divine.  I am also thinking of adding them to fresh veggie fruit juices, as well as topped on Vanilla yogurt...yum.  Do you like to use fresh pomegranates - and how do they inspire you?

Ina Gawne

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January 3, 2011