We have our Canada Day long weekend ,  so we are headed to our favorite Island Getaway, to Salt Spring Island.  Actually, DH is playing an outdoor venue with his band at a lovely Ocean Side Restaurant, so we will have a couple of fun filled days.  We are staying at a little cottage on an Organic Farm, so will bring the camera, and hopefully get some good interesting pictures to share.  Oh, and they have the greatest outdoor Market that is huge.  It is a very "artsy" type of Island, so not only is there wonderful produce, but many artisans show casing their, pottery, jewelry, music and musical instruments, homemade cheeses, beautiful soaps, flowers, clothing, just about anything hand made!  Not sure if we will have internet access, but in case we don't, have a great weekend everyone,  and I leave you with this funny little recipe and story:

My Basil is ready!  Pesto is down the road, but until then I made these lovely appetizers.
These were quick and easy to assemble.  I thought they tasted delightful!  With a lovely glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, sitting in the garden with your loved one.  Now, you do need to like Prosciutto, and you definitely need to like Creamy, Soft Goat Cheese.  My DH absolutely does not like Goat Cheese!  I thought, what if I disguise the Goat Cheese with basil and sun dried tomatoes, then wrap it in Prosciutto?

I handed him the plate, while we were having a conversation.  He kept talking, without really looking at the dish, and proceeded to take a big bite.  I thought he was going to keel over!  His eyes even bulged.  I started to howl!  I am even laughing as I write this post!  But seriously, note to self: you can not really disguise the flavor and texture of goat cheese, especially from your DH.
Slice the goat cheese, if it falls apart, just pat it back together.  Press in the diced sun dried tomato, and basil leaves, then scoop up - I actually used the blade of my knife, and placed it in the center of a slice of Prosciutto, then wrap up.
I wonder if I could disguise oysters?  I better not go there.  What are some of the ways you use Prosciutto?

Ina Gawne
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  1. I love goat cheese and prosciutto, but never had them together. These look great. And another good use for my basil. My husband found a recipe for spaghetti sauce with prosciutto in it. I used it in stuffed bell peppers and it was great.

  2. Yes, I'll try to do that sometime. We're on a salad kick right now, but it will be a good fall dish. (Fall will be here before we know it). The sauce also freezes well too.

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July 2, 2010