When I saw Karen’s Post at Heal Balance Live , for Raw Lemon Pie….I headed right to the kitchen. For the original recipe, please check out Karen's recipe here. This recipe is Divine.  Especially if you love lemons, this is a recipe for you.  Now I do not have a blender or a Vita Mix, which I believe would create a smoother and thicker consistency to this dessert, and I did not have Almond flour or Hazelnuts.  I also do not have a 6 inch spring form pan (will get one for sure), so I used an 8 inch round pan, hence the thinner slice.
So what I did was to use Coconut flour in place of Almond, and I used Almonds instead of Hazelnuts.  I used my food processor to blend the filling, hence the little brown specks, and  I suspect there was a slightly crunchier texture as a result…..but was this ever delicious!   I also added 1 tsp. lemon zest to the filling as well.   It was quick and easy to make, I love that the sweetener was honey instead of sugar…..and no baking.  Also the coconut flour combined with lemon – so good!  Plus the next day, I would not have thought this possible, but it tasted even better.
Thank you Karen, my family loved this dessert!

Ina Gawne
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