I have mentioned before that we are having an unusual summer.  June through to Aug 10th was pretty much not summer.  Just the occasional warm day, but more times than not, overcast and foggy.  Then by mid August  we were in a complete heat wave.  My garden is shriveling up.  Then back to fog.  Such an inconsistent summer!
Needless to say, we went back to cooking everything on the BBQ.  Any baking or use of the oven, I try to do early in the morning, as with this new Pita Bread Recipe.
This is a wonderful recipe I found on, I did not change anything as I am new to Pita bread, this was my first time having it.  We had guests who said it was quite similar to regular gluten Pita Bread, which always puts a smile on my face to hear that.  I will say in making this recipe, the dough was very sticky, so I liberally floured my work surface with Sweet Rice Flour, and rather than rolling out the dough, I just used my hands to shape the dough into rounds - keeping them well floured.

It was a bit tricky slicing them open to create a pocket, so what we did was slice them in half, spreading on our goodies and eating them with a knife and fork.  We had a Vegetarian Kebab, and a Turkey Meatball Kebab - both of which had been marinating in my Homemade BBQ Sauce.

We also served these pita kebabs with the oh so good Feta Sauce:

This really was a lovely meal, worth checking out the Pita Bread Recipe at

Ina Gawne

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August 20, 2010