One day last week…..I thought of friends we had not seen in a couple of years.  Low and behold….the phone rings…..they are here!  So we were able to get together.  This lovely couple resides in Northern California….so our opportunities to visit are not as frequent as we would like… was so nice to see them, catch up, share a meal, share some stories,…. life….how it moves so fast!  I guess in writing this post….it is about grabbing any opportunity you can to appreciate, and enjoy the company of good friends…..whether far away or close by.  They gifted me with this most beautiful piece of pottery,..…..

It now sits at the center of my dining table….where I can look upon it and think of them….where, when I need a beautiful bowl to fill with pasta, potatoes, salad….I will think of them….they will always have a place in my heart.  It makes me realize just how precious good friends are….  Thank you friends….hope we see you soon.  Hugs, Ina  p.s.  and yes, ...I do sooo need photography lessons...lordy day I'll get better with the camera...have to keep practicing!

Ina Gawne


    1. Hi too! Some of your posts show beautiful pottery bowls as well. It's lovely to have beautiful serve wear, Ina

    1. Thanks Cari - there are such great GF Blogs out there, which makes life so much easier for people, especially when first going gluten free! Ina

  1. Ina- Charlie and I think you are a splendid photographer with a very good eye. It was lovely to see you, think of you often- Love, Maureen and Charlie

    1. Hey Maureen - thank you, the camera is starting to feel better in my hands, practice makes it easier too! And it was lovely to see you guys too, love Ina

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