We were in town the other day, and discovered another Farmer's Market, new to us, that was fantastic!  It is so exciting to see more and more Farmer's Markets through out town.  This gives me hope for better, fresher food to buy, as well, I really want to support our local farmers.  Here is one picture of some of the Produce we brought home:
This is a huge Blue Hubbard Squash - which will be roasted and made into soup down the road, beautiful carrots, zucchini, and green and purple beans.  The purple beans turn green once they are cooked.  We also bought beautiful beets, corn on the cob, green onions, and fall lettuce.  With all this goodness I knew I wanted to incorporate a tasty vegetable saute side dish:

I began this side dish by Roasting the Beets - using this method here.  Then I lightly blanched the carrots and beans - only for a minute or two, then I put them into cold water, drained and put onto a paper towel to dry.
Then with a good drizzle of olive oil and butter, heat up a pan on medium heat, and saute a sliced shallot until lightly golden, add in the beans and carrots:

The carrots and beans were sauted for about 4 - 5 minutes, with salt and pepper to taste, then place onto a platter.  Add the sliced roasted beets to the pan to heat through, with a good drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar, then remove from heat, pouring onto the sauted carrots and beans.  Finish with some grated Feta Cheese, and serve while hot.  I know in the winter, I will be looking back on these pictures of all the Fresh Market Vegetables - with the thought of wishing we were eating this right now.  Having said that, I always look forward to all of the Root Vegetables that will be adorning our plates any time now, and luckily, this Market will be open for the first time this winter - can hardly wait!

Ina Gawne
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September 26, 2010