Ohhhh how I dream of a large kitchen, with an island, and in my perfect world a 6 burner gas stove, convection oven.  I am still dreaming.  Unfortunately, my kitchen is not very big.  Although, I have pretty good cupboard space, I could use more…. especially with all the gluten free flours and pre-mixes I use.
One day while window shopping, I found this gorgeous pot rack.  It was not expensive, and it holds up to 16 pots and pans!  It freed up my biggest pot drawer – where I now store my flours, and pre-mixes.  Yeahhhhh!  Some extra space – something I always need more of.  And it looks great hanging in my kitchen!
But, then I felt I needed to change up the hardware on the kitchen cabinets.   One of our local stores carried some really nice hardware - they were not too expensive,  however, replacing 28 knobs was really more than I wanted to spend.  So I waited until Boxing Day – they gave me a 15% discount!!!  They soooo work with the pot rack!

Next….oh dear….new counter tops and floor???  Have been hinting to my dear husband…. maybe next year?
How do you save space in the kitchen, want to share your ideas?

Ina Gawne
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  1. What a great find Ina, I used to have a rack for pots and pans and loved it, it was incentive to keep them sparkling since they were out where everyone sees them! The knobs are great too. It is important to have a space you feel good in whatever you are doing there. For me I bought all new measuring cups and spoons, the really nice ones from Williams-Sonoma, a huge splurge but it makes me happy when I am cooking. Great thought provoking post! Oh yeah, to save space I got rid of all the gadgets I rarely used; popcorn popper (can use a stock pot), George Foreman grill, deep fryer, bread maker, etc. I have found all the space I need.

    1. Karen - I too gave away a grill to my son when he moved out, and other kitchen gadgets I no longer needed. But then I got some other new kitchen electrics...have to keep on top of it, or I will run out of room again!!

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March 26, 2010